Bountiful Harvest: Growing Hope Launches Auction Fundraiser to Benefit their Mission

. October 5, 2020.
Growing Hope
Image courtesy of Growing Hope.

Local chefs and food personalities around Michigan are donating time, energy, and food to help Growing Hope continue their mission of feeding our community.

Growing Hope will be holding an online auction from October 6 to 13 to benefit Growing Hope’s mission of fostering a sustainable local food system where all people are empowered to grow, sell, buy, prepare, and eat nourishing food. In support of their mission, local chefs are donating their resources to help Growing Hope’s cause.

Growing Hope works tirelessly to ensure that people in Ypsilanti have access to food that is culturally appropriate and affordable. They provide citizens with the ability to grow and prepare their own harvest, and even help people learn how to make a living as a food grower, producer, or entrepreneur. To keep their mission ahead, Growing Hope is holding an auction to help fund their ideals and help our community continue stay healthy.

Donations from all over Washtenaw County have been added to the Growing Hope auction. From local celebrities to family farms, many local businesses have donated invaluable items and expertise to help support Growing Hope’s mission.

A few of the experiences that are being auctioned include:

Chef Brandon Johns of Grange Kitchen and Bar will be auctioning the meal of a lifetime, cooked and served at the winner’s home for a group of 6 to 8 people. The five course meal will consist of locally grown produce and meat products, and includes wine pairings with wine provided by Everyday Wines.

Chef and owner of Loomi Cafe, Andrew Stevick, will prepare and serve specifically created meals for 6 to 8 people on the Growing Hope Urban Farms. Wine from Everyday Wines will accompany the meal. 

Ji Hye Kim, the head chef and owner of Miss Kim, will prepare and serve a private dinner for 8 on the Growing Hope Urban Farm. Wine from Everyday Wines will accompany the meal. 

Owner and head chef of Harvest Kitchen, Magdiale Wolmark, will create a special three course menu for a group of 8 to be cooked in the winner’s home. Wine from Everyday Wines will accompany the meal. 

Wine connoisseur and co-owner of Spencer, Steve Hall, will come to your home and guide you through a wine and cheese tasting experience for up to four people. 

For more information on Growing Hope and how you can help, check out their website. To pre-register for the event, click here.

The auction starts at 8am on October 6, and will continue until October 13. Be sure to pre-register to bid on the experience or items you want!


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