From Pavement to Palette: The Ann Arbor Art Fair Experience

Every year, the Ann Arbor Art Fair transforms the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan into the finest of art galleries. This legendary celebration has captivated art lovers and collectors for decades, offering an unparalleled experience where creativity and community converge.

Artist Machine Dazzle’s “Ouroboros” on Display

When strolling beside the University of Michigan Museum of Art, passersby may see a colorful array of materials in the shape of a snake exploding outside of itself.

16 Ann Arbor Area Festivals You Can’t Miss This Summer

The Ann Arbor area is home to more than a dozen Summer festivals. Whether you are searching for the best in music, food, art or culture, the Washtenaw area has you covered.

The Ann Arbor Art Fair Prepares for Another Record Year

Ann Arbor is a vibrant and eclectically diverse community of about 119,875. But that number is going to swell by several orders of magnitude from July 18 to 20 as the fifty-sixth annual Ann Arbor Art Fair takes over downtown.

Pink Shamrocks Brings Antiques and DIY Fun to Milan

Named for owner Rita Gordon’s love for the color pink and Irish heritage, Pink Shamrocks began about fifteen years ago when Gordon and her husband were looking to furnish their house.

AAFF Brings Vibrant Global Film Culture to Treetown

It says a lot about contemporary society that everyone both acknowledges that we have an epidemic of loneliness and also that it has been an acknowledged problem for so long that even bringing it up has become cliché.

FestiFools Pours Creativity and Inclusivity Into Ann Arbor

You've likely heard of Ann Arbor's renowned FestiFools parade, an explosion of creativity and community spirit that takes over the streets each spring. But...

Visit the 28th Annual Exhibition of Artists in Michigan Prisons

The 28th Annual Exhibition of Artists in Michigan Prisons runs March 19-April 2 at the James and Anne Duderstadt Center Gallery at 2281 Bonisteel Blvd, Ann Arbor.

Gutman Gallery Exhibit Presents Art Made from Scattered Objects

The Gutman Gallery’s upcoming show is starting on March 15. “Lost & Found” gets its name from the nature of the art presented. "The community is...

Cranbrook Art Museum Explores Representation

Internationally acclaimed Detroit artist Mario Moore co-curated this exhibition with Cranbrook Art Museum Chief Curator Laura Mott. 

Movies to Catch in Theaters this December in Ann Arbor

The Boy and the Heron Hayao Miyazaki has returned from retirement to make “The Boy and the Heron.” The storyline has similarities to Totoro but...

Ann Arbor Civic Theater Presents “The Matchmaker”

The Ann Arbor Civic Theater is delighted for its upcoming production of "The Matchmaker," a classic play by Thorton Wilder. This comedy is set...