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“I’m Batman” – The Dark Knight Turns 85 and 35 at the Same Time

 Only Batman is enigmatic and cool enough to turn 85 and 35 at the same time and not look a day over 25. 

Must Visit Areas in Ann Arbor

Visiting Ann Arbor is a unique yet fun experience. From historic museums to towering delicious sandwiches handcrafted at delis, the city has a bit of everything for you to try.

Motor City Comic Con 2024 Marks Another Successful Year

Whether they beamed in, teleported or journeyed through space and time, droves and droves of fans attended the Motor City Comic Con in Novi May 17-19. 

Artist Machine Dazzle’s “Ouroboros” on Display

When strolling beside the University of Michigan Museum of Art, passersby may see a colorful array of materials in the shape of a snake exploding outside of itself.

16 Ann Arbor Area Festivals You Can’t Miss This Summer

The Ann Arbor area is home to more than a dozen Summer festivals. Whether you are searching for the best in music, food, art or culture, the Washtenaw area has you covered.

The Ann Arbor Art Fair Prepares for Another Record Year

Ann Arbor is a vibrant and eclectically diverse community of about 119,875. But that number is going to swell by several orders of magnitude from July 18 to 20 as the fifty-sixth annual Ann Arbor Art Fair takes over downtown.

Motor City Comic Con Offers Fun For Everyone

West Virginia resident Jason Hildreth has been attending comic cons for more than 18 years, including the big ones including the San Diego Comic-Con and the New York Comic Con. 

Nichols Arboretum’s Peony Garden to Bloom Soon

The peonies at the Nichols Arboretum are expected to bloom this year around the last week of May and the first week of June according to experts at the Arb.

Vault of Midnight to Host Free Comic Book Day

Expect to find a long line to be streaming out of the front door of Vault of Midnight on May 4. This will be...

Harry Dolan Signs Latest Novel at Schuler Books

Taking many walks in the woods inspired author Harry Dolan to write his latest mystery-thriller.  “The germ of the idea I had for ‘Don’t Turn...

April 2024 at the Movies in Ann Arbor

Wicked Little Letters In a 1920s seaside town in England, conservative local Edith (Olivia Colman) begins receiving letters filled with hilarious profanity. Her rowdy Irish...

AAFF Brings Vibrant Global Film Culture to Treetown

It says a lot about contemporary society that everyone both acknowledges that we have an epidemic of loneliness and also that it has been an acknowledged problem for so long that even bringing it up has become cliché.