Thursday, October 28, 2021
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weed candy

Weed Candy: All the Tasty, Gooey Facts

Smoking cannabis is all well and good. But if smoking doesn't work for you, try weed candy. Here are tips on finding the right candy.
jenny kush day

Lume Cannabis Co. Highlights the Work of Jenny Monson with Jenny Kush Day

To honor Jenny Monson, Lume Cannabis Co. is celebrating Jenny Kush Day with a tattoo raffle and more! Here's how to score some sweet prizes.
wacky weed tours

Wacky Weed Tours Shares Cannabis History and Discounts

Wacky Weed Tours takes you on a walk through the history of downtown Ann Arbor and Ann Arbor's cannabis history. Here's what to know.

Making Cannamilk and Some of its Best Uses

Cannamilk is a great way to consume marijuana. You can either drink it down directly or use it as an ingredient in other pot recipes. In that sense, then, it’s a very versatile method...
cannabis stem tea

Cannabis Stem Tea: The Art Making the Perfect Cup

Want to try cannabis in a different way? Have you ever heard of Cannabis Stem Tea? Here’s what it is and how to make it.
marijuana tax revenue

Marijuana Tax Revenue in Washtenaw County to be Allocated to Racial Equity Initiatives

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissions has approved allocating marijuana tax revenue to programs aimed at racial equity and restoration.