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Kevin McAllister is a Jerk: Change my Mind

Home Alone is a holiday classic, but that doesn’t mean Kevin McAllister isn’t a jerk. But how is a movie about a jerk kid the center of a holiday classic?

Writer’s Pick 2020: Five Best Ways Local Movie Theaters Kept Us Engaged

Our local cinema has struggled this year, but they worked to keep us entertained with great movies. Here are a few of the best ways theaters kept us engaged.

Theatre Nova Gives Out Virtual Christmas Cheer with “I’m Streaming of an Alright Christmas”

Theatre Nova is spreading holiday cheer with their virtual “I’m Streaming of an Alright Christmas” show! Come check out the holiday fun from the safety of home!

David Broza Discusses Upcoming “Not Exactly Christmas” Show

David Broza has been running his “Not Exactly Christmas” show for 25 years. This year looks a little different this year, but it will still bring festive cheer!


Weed Wine: What is it And How To Make It

There are actually two types of weed wine — jackpot, right! — alcoholic and nonalcoholic (a.k.a. dealcoholized). Alcoholic weed wine is just regular wine mixed with your favorite strain of cannabis. There’s a bit more involved than just dumping a baggie of pot into a bottle of wine. With the alcoholic variety of weed wine,

Theatre NOVA Presents the Play of the Month Series

Theatre NOVA will present a Play of the Month series, where a new play by local writers and actors will be presented via Zoom.

State Theatre Now Offers Private Movie Screenings

The State Theatre is hosting private screenings for patrons who miss going to see movies, with safety precautions. Check out how you can rent out the theatre!

What to Watch: Holiday Movie Wrap Up

Need the perfect movie this holiday season? Here are a few offerings from The Michigan Theater, Cinema Detroit, TMC, and more for the whole family to enjoy!

The Ann Arbor Film Festival will Begin Paying Artists to Show Their Films in Competition

To further the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s commitment to equality, the AAFF is going to pay artists to show their films at competitions, starting with the upcoming 59 annual AAFF.


The Ann Arbor Art Center Announces the 13 Annual Artini

The Ann Arbor Art Center is partnering with Ann Arbor Distilling Company to bring us the 13th Annual Artini, a cocktail competition and fundraising event.

Ballet Chelsea Announces “Partner With Us” Digital Fundraiser

Partner With Us, Ballet Chelsea’s digital fundraiser, will raise benefits to help the nonprofit organization continue to bring music and movement together. Ballet Chelsea has started a Digital Fundraising campaign, Partner With Us, set to run from November 6 until November 16. The COVID-19 pandemic has created some of the most significant challenges that Ballet