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Does Pet Waste Have an Effect on the Environment?

Dog and cat waste may seem harmless, but the reality is that your pet’s poop can be very problematic for ecosystems where it accumulates. Think of an ecosystem as a closed box. Within that...

20 Ways to Save Money on Your Car & Gasoline

Owning a car is expensive and gas prices have increased. You must pay for insurance, gas, maintenance and then unexpected costs like repairs or accidents. So, I’m always looking for ways to save money...

BYOC: Downtown Ann Arbor Business Based on a Concept of Zero-Waste

BYOC stands for "Bring Your Own Container" and offers products to help the environment and also fill home and body needs. We interviewed the founder and owner of BYOC, Emma Hess, and she shared insight...
Project Mow

Behind the Sheep: How Yuko Frazier Grew Project Mow

Project Mow provides a unique and environmentally conscious way to take care of your yard. We spoke with owner Yuko Frazier about her goats.
forest meditation

Finding Your Footing in Uncertain Times with Forest Meditation

Taking a moment to reconnect with nature is important. We spoke with Julie Woodward of Mindful Awakenings about nature meditation.

Four Local Restaurants Participate in Reusable Container Pilot Program

Local restaurants are taking part in a new pilot program to help reduce carry-out waste. Here’s which restaurants and how to get a container