Friday, October 15, 2021
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Dani Darling Amplify Fellowship

Amplify Fellowship, Kickback Series Continues Awesome Shows with Dani Darling on May 1

The Amplify Fellowship continues to enchant listeners with their upcoming show on May 1, which features Dani Darling. Here’s how to catch the show.
Shady Groves

Shady Groves’ ‘Dreamboat’ Sails a Varied Voyage of Friendship, Empathy, and Existentialism

We spoke with Shady Groves, a Michigan-based collective of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalists focused on music. Check out what they had to say!
Hannah Baiardi

Hannah Baiardi Defies Genre Boundaries on New ‘Straight from the Soul’ Album

Hannah Baiardi drops her latest album, 'Straight from the Soul'. We had the opportunity to speak with her about her latest work and music inspiration.
59 ann arbor film festival

The 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival Begins March 23

The 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) takes place online March 23–28, 2021.
brian perrone

Brian Perrone Constructs Soothing Refuge on New ‘Gotta Get Away’ Single

Brian Perrone’s new cinematic single, “Gotta Get Away,” delivers a hopeful message for isolated, weary souls. Check out our interview with Perrone!
michigan fashion media summit

Chasing Your Dreams with Style: The Michigan Fashion Media Summit

This year's Michigan Fashion Media Summit hosted a number of fashion icons. The core message throughout the entire summit: Keep chasing your fashion dreams.