June 2021 Biz Buzz

The Abercrombie and Fitch store in Briarwood Mall has permanently closed. The store closed its doors on May 16. Customers who still enjoy the Abercrombie and Fitch brand are still able to purchase online or at the Twelve Oaks Mall store. 

Patrons will also notice that Sunshine Special Children’s Studio will also be closing its doors. The facility, run by director and owner Suzanne Price, has announced her retirement and plans on permanently closing the school’s doors on June 11. Although Price considered different avenues to keep the studio open, she has chosen that it is in her and others’ best interests to close its doors. 

Community staple Wild Swan Theater will be closing its curtains for the final time. After four decades of bringing us some of the best shows, Wild Swan will be taking their final bow at the end of June. Owners Hilary Cohen and Sandy Rivers agreed that it felt the time for the theater was over for them. There are no new shows or touring is going to happen. Cohen does say they’ll be focusing on finding new ways to share their archive of material, so be sure to keep your eyes open for what’s to come.

Construction at the Cupcake Station has no need for alarm! In fact, the company is changing its look and partnering with Bakehouse 46! Bakehouse 46 is a collaborative experience shared between Blake’s Farm and the Cupcake Station and brought right to you. You can enjoy more than the decadent cupcakes of Cupcake Station, you can also now pick up coffee, sandwiches, donuts, cider, and other sweet treats to enjoy. 116 E. Liberty Ave, Ann Arbor. 734-222-1801. Bakehouse46.com.

A new toy store has opened up! Prism Playgoods has opened a web-based store and provides toy delivery to the community. Also, in honor of Pride Month AND their store opening, you’ll get a free gift with a $50+ purchase throughout June. Check out their virtual store to explore their vast variety of play goods. 734-249-8039. prismplaygoods.com.

A new Pet Supplies Plus will be opening in Ypsilanti in the near future. The store is still working on renovations, but the signs have gone up and they’re working on getting everything together. Be sure to keep an eye out for this when it opens. 2064 Whittaker Rd., Ypsilanti. petsuppliesplus.com.


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