2019 Best of Washtenaw—Music & Entertainment

. June 3, 2019.

New Artist/Band

Liquid Thickness
Runner up: Girl Fight

Local Album

City of Trees Vol. 2
Runner up: Ellen Rowe’s Momentum


DJ KnowLedge
Runner up: DJ Nitro


The Ragbirds
Runner up: May Erlewine


Dre Dav
Runner up: DJ Graffiti


Ron Brooks
Runner up: Speak Mahogany


Laith Al-Saadi
Runner up: Scissor NOW!

Open Mic

734 Saturday’s at Ziggy’s
Runner up: The Ark’s Open Stage

Live music Venue

The Ark
Runner up: The Blind Pig


Circ Bar
Runner up: Blue Karaoke

Bowling Alley

Revel & Roll
Runner up: Bel-Mark Lanes

Radio Station

89.1 WEMU
Runner up: WCBN

Music Lessons

Ann Arbor Music Center
Runner up: Oz’s Music


Films on the A & B Sides

Since devising a makeshift screen out of a sheet while using a primitive light source to project a John Waters film, humans have gathered together at the temple of schlock to view outrageous movies. In furtherance of that practice, for the past year and a half, the Burnout Society Film Club has indulged in double

The Old Town Tavern

Simply, solid and everything you need For almost fifty years, The Old Town Tavern has been the quiet neighbor on West Liberty. Previously adjacent was Mr. Flood’s Party, which occupied the place next door before the West End Grill moved in, almost three decades ago. Before that, the storefronts on Liberty near Ashley were a

What’s in a word

YpsiWrites for all Whether it’s a quick email, a snarky tweet, or that research paper you’re dreading, writing is a part of our everyday lives. ‘We are all writers’ is the message of the YpsiWrites program, which recently began at all Ypsilanti District Library branches. YpsiWrites theme, “Everyone’s a Writer,” is a motto prompted by

Judy Banker’s Buffalo Motel

New album captures the permanence of memories When I talk to Judy Banker about her new album, Buffalo Motel, I can’t avoid my first question being about one particular song, “Haggerty.” I can’t wait for you to hear it in a live setting at The Ark on January 9. Even with headphones, a potent poignancy