GrieveWell Hosts Fifth Annual Kite Flying Festival to Honor Lost Loved Ones

The non-profit GrieveWell is hosting its Fifth Annual Kite Flying Festival. Early registration is encouraged.

GrieveWell provides community members a chance to grieve for their lost loved ones with the Fifth Annual Kite Festival on Saturday, June 26. This year, the Kite Festival will be a hybrid event and have both in-person and virtual activities for the family to participate in, which is free and open to the public.

The in-person event will be held at Lillie Park. Early registration for the in-person event is encouraged to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience together. With early registration, you’ll also get an expedited entry to the park for the event. Lillie Park is at 4365 Platt Rd, near the corner of Platt Rd and Ellsworth Rd.

GrieveWell Kite Festival Changes

This year, the Fifth Annual Kite Festival will feature dancing kite shows by professional kite flyers. This includes professionals from “Kites and Fun Things” and “Windjammers.” You’ll also have plenty of space to fly your own kites and other family activities to enjoy together. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Locals will also be able to pick up an easy-to-fly Frustrationless Flyer for $5. You’ll be able to decorate and fly these kites at the event.

The virtual events will follow the in-person event, and people from anywhere can join the livestream. The livestream will be available through the GrieveWell social media channels.

The virtual event, the Fly and Remember Memorial Service, takes place on Saturday, June 26, shortly following the in-person event. Participants will decorate their kite and share memories of their loved ones virtually. To join the Fly and Remember Memorial Service, you must register and receive the Zoom link.

You’ll also be able to check out the Kite Decorating Contest, which is open to anyone in the United States, and chances to win prizes that share kite flying and their designs on GrieveWell’s social media channels during the festival.

Remember to keep safe while at the in-person event. Lillie Park will feature handwashing stations, suggested areas for community kite flying, and small shaded tents for you and your group to watch the professional kite flyers and engage in activities. Mask wearing will be encouraged when social distancing isn’t possible.

Register online at the GrieveWell website.

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