FarmSudz Opens Second Storefront and Factory in Jackson

FarmSudz is opening a second storefront and factory in Jackson, giving more customers a chance to get their amazing soaps and body products!

FarmSudz, a Chelsea based business, recently opened a retail and manufacturing space in a gorgeously restored 100+ year-old building located at 229 S. Mechanic Street.

FarmSudz specializes in handmade natural skin and hair care, formulated using fresh, locally sourced ingredients such as goat milk, herb, and raw beeswax. All products, including soaps, creams, blams, and serums, are handmade on-site in both Chelsea and Jackson locations.

The story of FarmSudz begins with Julie Konkle’s journey as a registered nurse. She was a clinical trials manager and helped to test new drug treatments for patients suffering from severe medical conditions. 

Knuckle began making goat milk soap because her husband loved the creaminess of goat milk soap and had been ordering it from Arizona. FarmSudz became a creative outlet for Konkle to continue her research and experimenting with natural ingredients. Her drive and desire to help people as a nurse have guided her business and formulation of the natural handmade products that keep bringing customers back for more.

Knuckle jokes that FarmSudz has morphed into a ‘family business for healthcare workers.’ Erin Valkuchak, her niece and a pharmaceutical technician, fell in love with all things soap making and joined Konkle in 2017. Valkuchak manages the Jackson location and is the lead soap and cream maker. Beth Scarbrough, Konkle’s cousins and a retired respiratory therapist, joined in 2018. Scarbrough loves teaching, which becomes apparent in how she engages with customers about their products, including all things CBD. She is also handy in the FarmSudz kitchen, making CBD balm and products in the facial care line. One of the newest members is Becky Hones, who joined in September 2020 to develop the business and manage their digital presence. Hones has a degree in packaging with experience working for large corporations.

On locating their second shop in Jackson, Konkle shared, “I have so many fond memories of Jackson growing up in the nearby community of Albion. We shopped for school clothes, went to the fair, enjoyed movies,and came for enormous ice cream sundaes, and now we’re ready to make new memories! We are humbled and beyond thrilled that FarmSudz is a part of the warm and welcoming community of business owners committed to the renaissance of the downtown area.”

Hours at the Chelsea location can vary, call ahead to see if they’re open!

104 S.Main St., #2, Chelsea. 734-593-7030. I Hours: 10am-4pm, Thursday; 10am-6pm, Friday-Saturday.

229 S. Mechanic St., Jackson. 517-435-4076. I Hours: 10am-3pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday; 10am-6pm, Thursday

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