Ballet Chelsea Announces “Partner With Us” Digital Fundraiser

Partner With Us, Ballet Chelsea’s digital fundraiser, will raise benefits to help the nonprofit organization continue to bring music and movement together.

Ballet Chelsea has started a Digital Fundraising campaign, Partner With Us, set to run from November 6 until November 16.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created some of the most significant challenges that Ballet Chelsea has ever, and may ever, face. While confident that they will emerge from this crisis a stronger, more resilient nonprofit organization, the organization has financial challenges that need to be addressed. Ballet Chelsea is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, meaning that they rely on the community’s help to stay viable through this challenging period. To continue to continue creating educational and performance opportunities for the community, Ballet Chelsea will need help from the community to maintain the excellence that their students and community have come to know and enjoy.

“Working on artistic projects during a global pandemic has led us to dig deeper, finding new and creative ways of working. Just as we never thought we would list a “barn” as a location for dance classes, we never imagined that we would be staging and filming a Nutcracker production that uses natural beauty as a backdrop for movement and music. We are grateful and excited for every opportunity to bring the joy of performance to our communities,” says Wendi DuBois, Artistic Director of Ballet Chelsea.

Ballet Chelsea has set a goal of $20,000 to keep the organization moving and viable. The organization has worked hard over the last six months to create a fall/winter instructional curriculum that upholds their commitment to high-caliber dance instruction while also remaining flexible to ever-changing circumstances.

Ballet Chelsea Studio. 1050 S. Main St., Chelsea. 734-475-3070.

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