Dani Darling Releases Latest EP, ‘The Future’

Dani Darling is releasing her latest EP, ‘The Future’, today. Here’s how to catch her latest album and her music video, ‘The Sublime’.

On Friday, June 25, Dani Darling is set to drop her third EP, The Future. Her latest album gives us a poetic and lush live band experience that harkens back to Michigan’s Motown history. With her latest EP, Darling is ushering in a new era of community creativity in Ypsilanti. Darling has been one of three artists working with The Amplify Project.

The Amplify Project is an umbrella of initiatives that aims to support and grow the intersection of community engagement and artistic expression in Washtenaw County. The Amplify Fellowship supports the creative efforts of musicians with recording and engineering costs in exchange for volunteer service to local nonprofits and support agencies in the country.

“This project took shape in one epic night,” Darling says. “It was a New Year’s Eve session because no one had NYE plans with the pandemic raging. I had blueprints for demos for the songs, but it wasn’t until we got to Grove [Studios] that the magic really began.”

Dani Darling’s The Future

Darling works as a chanteuse, guitarist, producer, and songwriter on the album. With The Future, you can hear her musical influences creeping into her work. Erykah Badu, Radiohead, and Old Hollywood movie scores influence her sound and bring us a glorious new work. 

Dani Darling was Detroit Metro Times “Artist to Watch in 2020” and leads a four-piece band. When asked what Darling hopes people hear through her project, Dani says she hopes people feel like they’re going on an epic journey through several genres.

“There are ups and downs and twists and surprises. Because even when you’re escaping into your own imagination, there are things you bring from the real world,” Darling says. “Our experiences of the pandemic and civil unrest this past year are very present in the project, even as it’s largely imaginative. I wanted it to sound retro, and adding the flute as part of the soundscape really brought my vision together. I always say my spirit animal is a magpie, and I think of the flute as a co-narrator with my voice, a guide through my mind. Otherwise, it’s real easy to get lost in there, (ha)…”

To listen to her The Future, check out her Bandcamp or Spotify. To keep up to date on the latest with Dani Darling, follow her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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