GetSetUp Offers Life-Long Learning Classes to Combat Loneliness for Older Adults

Want to take a class? A new platform offers free, live online classes to help reduce the loneliness for Michigan’s older adults.

San Francisco-based company GetSetUp has started offering a number of classes to help older adults stay connected and stop loneliness. 

GetSetUp aims to help enrich older adults’ lives with lifelong learning. The topics for each class will vary, but they share two similar goals. One objective is, of course, the learning aspect of things. This endeavor will help older adults learn things like how to share pictures on Instagram, which will help them better connect with younger family members. Additionally, the classes fit their second goal, which is to ensure that older adults stay connected. 

These classes have helped open virtual doors for older adults who are staying home during the pandemic. They learn to master technology that may be difficult, such as smartphones, videoconferencing, and email, to help create and support a lifeline connecting them to medical care, mental health support, and fellowship with their community.

GetSetUp also provides unique job opportunities for older adults in Michigan. Each class is held by an older adult, creating an environment of understanding and togetherness. GetSetUp instructors, known as “guides,” come to GetSetUp first as a class participant. If they’re interested in teaching a class, they’ll be eligible to undergo thorough training to become a guide. Each class they teach will be an hour-long and guides earn $25 per hour-long class. 

Nearly 2.5 million Michiganders are 60 years old or older, making up a quarter of the state’s population. Those individuals who are faced with loneliness, mobility barriers, or boredom can take one of these classes to help make new friends, discover new interests, starve off dementia, and build better all-around health through mental and physical exercise.

To participate in one of these classes, be sure to check out GetSetUp’s website.

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