The Blue LLama Jazz Club Announces their Newest Pop-Up

. November 5, 2020.
Image courtesy of Blue LLama Jazz Club’s Facebook.

The Blue LLama Jazz Club announces their latest pop-up restaurant, Blue LLama Bistro: A Trip to Paris. Try the fine dining of Paris from the comfort of your own home!

The Blue LLama Jazz Club launches its latest pop-up restaurant, Blue LLama Bistro: A Trip to Paris. The new menu will dive into authentic French cuisine, popular wine from the region, and delicious craft cocktails.

Throughout the pandemic, Blue LLama Jazz Club has opened two pop-up restaurants, Of Rice & Men — a modern Asian American cuisine, and Jibarito, Latin Inspired cuisine. Now, the Blue LLama offers another opportunity for guesses to experience cuisines from around the world with their Parisian cafe.

The menu features classic French bistro fare with a signature Blue LLama twist. Guests can expect traditional French cuisine like Ratatouille, Fritas a la Graisse de Canard (Duck Fat Fries), Coq au Vin, Bœuf Bourguignon (Braised Prime Beef), Beignets, Pan Perdu (French Toast Brulee), and so much more!

On Saturdays and Sundays, the Bistro will open its doors for Brunch with a Croque Madame, Salade Frisee aux Lardons, classic Lyonnaise salad with a poached egg and pancetta, and even more delectable French favorites! The Weekend Brunch has also never seen a burger as delicious as the Bistros burger with gruyere cheese, a fried egg, and foie gras.

In addition to an authentic modern French menu, the Bistro will showcase an all French wine selection and craft cocktails to complement each dish. 

Be sure to come check out the Blue LLama Jazz Club’s newest pop-up!

The grand opening is today, November 5, at 7pm.Blue LLama Bistro: A Trip to Paris. 314 S. Main St., Ann Arbor. 734-372-3200.


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