Wacky Weed Tours Shares Cannabis History and Discounts

Wacky Weed Tours will take you on a cannabis adventure through Ann Arbor. Here’s how to partake in the tour.

Think you know everything about cannabis in Ann Arbor? Think again! Wacky Weed Tours will take you on a tour of local downtown dispensaries and share the history of marijuana in Ann Arbor.

Take a mile-long stroll through Ann Arbor to visit some of the best medical and recreational marijuana retailers in the area. In return, participants are able to get exclusive discounts and offer from each dispensary they visit.

You’ll get a chance to visit some of the most popular areas while getting a bit of history, mystery, and humor. Each tour guide proves their knowledge of Ann Arbor’s cannabis history and will provide insights into the basics of the plant and the safest ways to enjoy its products.

Wacky Weed Tours Around Downtown

Sarah O’Leary, the owner of Wacky Weed Tours, is a Chicago native who came to Ann Arbor in 2020. “I came here for business and I just fell in love,” O’Leary says. “I was smitten in the middle of the pandemic.”

O’Leary started a cannabis-focused marketing agency, utilizing her 30 years of marketing experience and knowledge of cannabis all into one place. During the tours, guides share information about how cannabis has impacted the medical field, how it can improve a patient’s or person’s life, and the practices for growing and treating the plants. Her knowledge comes from working in the field for the past 30 years. 

O’Leary’s knowledge of cannabis shows through these Wacky Weed tours, giving visitors a detailed and judgment-free experience. “Being in the cannabis space, when I saw the downtown, and I walk downtown every day at least once, I just thought ‘oh my gosh, this is the perfect place to have a really fun, irreverent, kind of second city improv tour that really talks all about the neat things in Ann Arbor and all the special things. From the art to the fair doors to graffiti alley and the like.’” O’Leary says.

“I also saw it as an opportunity for people to be exposed to cannabis in a way where they could ask questions and no one would judge them. And also that they could save a lot of money when they stopped in the stores with the tour.”

Loving Ann Arbor

Participants will also get the sense of love that Wacky Weed Tours has of the Ann Arbor area. The city’s culture is positive, fun, and happy, and the tours capture these feelings perfectly. O’Leary’s love of Ann Arbor is the primary inspiration behind Wacky Weed Tours. “I was walking one day and I’m like ‘wait a minute, there’s a nice looking cannabis store in that old building!’ and I walked another block and there’s another cannabis store. A few blocks later, there’s another one. And I’m like, ‘this is the perfect place for a walking tour.’

“We hit two head shops, we hit four weed stores, the graffiti alley, I tell them the stories of the fairy doors, we take them over to the diag and tell them about Hash Bash. We tell them all about our patron saints, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and how they made it legal in Ann Arbor.”

Everyone is welcome to take the tours, which are open to people with a variety of cannabis knowledge. O’Leary explains, “What surprised me is that heavy users, people who are not new to cannabis, are the ones coming on the tour. Which is interesting because I thought it was going to be the opposite.” 

Participants should ask questions and learn about the industry while on these tours. What’s more, tour patrons have the opportunity to get up to 25% off of their purchase with the tour. 

Tours take place every weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Each tour takes one and a half to two hours to complete. Be sure to put on your walking shoes before heading out! You also must be 21 and over to participate in these walking tours.

To purchase tickets to upcoming tours or learn more about Wacky Weed Tours, visit the Wacky Weed Tours website.

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