The Amplify Kickback Concert Series Hosts the Sultry Sounds of London Beck on May 31

The Amplify Project is hosting a ticketed virtual fundraising show featuring London Beck on May 31 at 7pm. Here’s how to get tickets!

The Amplify Project is hosting a ticketed virtual fundraising show on Monday, May 31 at 7pm with musical talent London Beck to benefit The Neutral Zone. This will be the third concert of the Amplify Kickback Concert Series.

The Amplify Kickback Concert Series is a series of concerts and panel discussions aimed at supporting Washtenaw County community organizations. Amplify Fellowship artists are featured in these concerts while community organizations receive a portion of the ticket proceeds from the livestream event.

The upcoming event will also feature an interview with Suzie Staley, the Associate Director of The Neutral Zone. Additional support will come from Ypsi Pride, which has a litany of activities planned for June’s Pride Month.

The Amplify Project is a number of different initiatives that work to support the intersection of community engagement and artistic expression in Washtenaw County. The Amplify Fellowship, sponsored by Grove Studios and Leon Speakers, supports the creative efforts of musicians. Grove Studios and Leon Speakers provide recording and engineering costs to artists in exchange for volunteer services to local nonprofits and supportive agencies.

London Beck is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter from Ann Arbor. Beck released The Drift EP in 2019 and ANGXL in 2020. They write and produce music that stretches across genres and tempos. Their vocals are raw and powerful, crisp and silky smooth. Their latest project, The Black Satin Sessions, will be released on June 11.

Recordings of the first two Amplify Kickback shows include Ann Arbor Fellow Dani Darling and Ypsilanti Fellow Kenyatta Rashon. Both are available for purchase.

To buy tickets for the upcoming show on May 31 at 7pm, click here. For more information, visit the Amplify Fellowship website.

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