WSG Gallery Offers Virtual Exhibits for Local Art

Although visiting art exhibits is tricky right now, WSG Gallery is welcoming patrons to come (virtually or in-person) visit and purchase art. Check out the ways to visit the gallery!

The WSG Gallery in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor is currently closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the art! Check out the four different ways you can visit the gallery and still be safe during the pandemic.

Currently, WSG Gallery is offering an online show for November 2020. The exhibit — entitled Deep Dive – ‘Blue’had gallery members working around the theme of ‘Blue’. All results from the artists’ theme will be featured in this month’s emails and can be seen online on the WSG Gallery website. Check out the work of Michelle A. Hegyi, Andrienne Kaplan, Cathryn Amidei, and Sara Adlerstein by visiting the WSG website.

You can also check out the extensive displays of work by all 14 gallery artists on their website. Why limit yourself to only Deep Dive – ‘Blue’ when you can see all of the work from these artists?

Additionally, WSG Gallery is live upstairs at the Ann Arbor Art Center. Now through the last day of the year, come check out the art in person. The walls for November have been changed, including their Salon Wall with prices below $500 for real artwork.

You can also visit or relive previous shows on the WSG Gallery website. Feel free to come peruse different exhibits and artists’ work by visiting here. You can visit exhibits you love or find some new ones that had recently passed.

Whatever the reason, art is the perfect way to make yourself forget about the problems of now and focus on something fascinating. 

117 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor. 734-994-8004.

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