Amplify Fellowship, Kickback Series Continues Awesome Shows with Dani Darling on May 1

The Amplify Fellowship continues to enchant listeners with their upcoming show on May 1, which features Dani Darling. Here’s how to catch the show.

[Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect a corrected date for the concert, which is May 1.]

The Amplify Fellowship continues to help raise the voices of Black musicians in Washtenaw County with their next show in their Kickback Series concert lineup. The latest musician, Dani Darling, is set to perform on May 1 at 7pm. Audience members are able to purchase tickets to her virtual event now.

Dani Darling is an Ann Arbor musician with a jazzy sound that mixes beautifully with experimental lo-fi. Her sound is both poetic and intimate. The virtual, livestreamed show is sure to enchant any audience members. Her voice is magnificent and soothing and gives listeners comfort during difficult times. Proceeds from the show will go to Dani Darling, The Amplify Project, and SafeHouse Center.

The Amplify Project is a labor of love between Grove Studios and Leon Speakers. The two are working together to amplify and promote local Black musicians in Washtenaw County. 

The first three recipients of the Amplify Fellowship are Dani Darling, Kenyatta Rashon, and London Beck. Kenyatta Rashon performed on March 20, and London Beck is slated to perform on May 31. Each performer will get 40 hours of studio time at Grove Studios and engineering and production support for creating upcoming projects. In return, artists will help raise funds for local charities and organizations.

The SafeHouse Center is a domestic violence shelter that works to help those who have found themselves in difficult home situations. The issues of domestic abuse at home have been highlighted during the pandemic. These issues can be seen with the increase of domestic assault cases that have occurred since the start of the pandemic. The SafeHouse Center provides shelter to survivors of domestic violence and their children. The Safehouse Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Their mission is to provide safety, support, advocacy, and resources for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and their children. They work relentlessly to change the systems and attitudes that allow this abuse to continue.

Those who wish to catch the upcoming show can purchase tickets here. The livestreamed showing takes place May 1 at 7pm.

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