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Ebird & Friends Holiday Show

Erin “Ebird” Zindle and her group the Ragbirds have hosted this unique family-friendly Christmas concert at the Ark since 2007. The line-up of musical acts changes from year to year, but the spirit of the event is always focused on a communal feeling and a creative sparkle that leaves the audience with an unforgettable experience.

Christian Sands Trio

Considered one of the hottest, most in-demand pianists in jazz today, Christan Sands is an ascending young talent with limitless heights ahead of him. Sands began playing piano at the age of 4 and went on to be mentored by the legendary pianist Billy Taylor. He made his mark early, touring as a bandleader and

New Years Eve 2020 Bash

Rock in the new year for a great cause! This benefit event for Project 418, a local nonprofit that works with impoverished communities to create opportunities focused on creating sustainable change, will feature a great lineup of music. Performers include the Grateful Dead tribute band Deadicated, fiddle-laced rock artists Erin Zindle and the Ragbirds, folk-rock

Yellow Brick Road: Mustard’s Retreat keeps folk music’s legacy alive locally, nationally

Nearly 45 years later, Mustard’s Retreat remains defiantly hopeful about keeping folk music’s spirit alive. The Ann Arbor folk music trio of David Tamulevich, Libby Glover and Michael Hough continues to preserve the genre’s timeless sound through iconic tales about love, growth and change.  With 14 albums and 6,000-plus live shows, Mustard’s Retreat has attracted

Disaster Relief Music with Dr. Peter Larson

Disaster Relief is a local jazz-funk fusion project that seeks to provide solace from the harshness and negativity of the world. The group features musical artists, including rising stars of the Detroit, Ann Arbor area jazz scene. Inspired by funky innovators, such as James Brown and Fela Kuti, the group incorporates a dynamic four-piece horn