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Evan Haywood Transmits A Message For The People with ‘Do Right By My Kin’

Ann Arbor-Based Singer/Songwriter Releases New Video from ‘Perfumed Gardens,’ and discusses Tree City & a new documentary film. Evan Haywood admits he’s a maximalist by nature. He’s aware of the surplus texture and surplus emotion that he’s consistently inclined to layer throughout his arrangements. Categorically, you’d call him a folk singer, but having absorbed innumerable

Ypsilanti Social & Organizing Center Benefit

The General Defense Committee (GDC), along with other community organizations, is working towards converting a restaurant on Ecorse Rd. in Ypsilanti into a multi-purpose, Community Center and Union Hall with a plan to engage members of the community and to create a place where people can come together. The group’s mission — “Anything that fosters

Keyon Harrold

World-renowned jazz trumpeter and songwriter Keyon Harrold was born and raised in Ferguson, Missouri, in a large musical family of 16 children. Harrold left Ferguson at 18 and moved to New York where he landed his first major gig as a trumpeter. Soon he was performing alongside stars like Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé and

The Olllam

The Olllam is a progressive Celtic influenced electric indie-folk band formed in 2012. The group, a collaborative partnership of core members— Irish musician John McSherry, and Detroit natives Tyler Duncan, Michael Shimmin (known for their popular groups Vulfpeck, My Dear Disco and Ella Riot)— is named after the bards of Irish Kings. Heavily influenced by