Enjoy the Local Music Talent at Ypsilanti’s Fun Fest

Fundamental Sound Co. features local rising talent in a new music festival at Frog Island Park.

Another tradition has begun within the music scene of Washtenaw County. Local talent will perform all day at Fun Fest hosted by Fundamental Sound Co.

The music starts at 2 p.m. on Aug. 7 and will go on until 10pm. Seven different performers will take the stage at Frog Island Park and entertain the Ypsilanti crowd.

Fun Fest 2021

Taylor Greenshields has been running a recording studio under the name Fundamental Sounds for about three years, but he was working without an official name for a couple of years as well. It all started when he began using his mom’s garage in the Plymouth-Canton area as a recording studio. Some of the artists that he currently works with have been with him since this early stage in his recording career.

For the last few years, Fundamental Sound Co. has been out of his in-home studio in Ypsilanti. He has been able to develop a strong connection with the artists he works with and has been working with some of them for about five years.

“I was super lucky and thankful to be able to make music with my best friends and they just happen to be some of the area’s rising talent,” Greenshields said.

He chose Frog Island Park for the venue because he loves the vibe of the area. He often found the park’s stage empty and it has always been a dream of his to fill it with the artists he works with. This year he finally decided to act on it and bring together this festival.

“This is the first annual show. The hope is to make it an annual thing and to make it bigger and better next year for the years to come,” Greenshields says.

fun fest 2021
Image courtesy of Simone Gwen Jackson.

Artists Across Genres

Fun Fest is not defined by just one genre. There are artists who represent a range of sounds and styles. Ma Baker is a jam band that weaves together funk and electronic sounds, while The Daynights and ANA perform a combination of soul and R&B. Other bands that will be playing are Travis Auckerman, Jesse Clayton, Dani Darling, and Al Bettis. There will also be a secret set included in the lineup.

“The guests should expect to learn about some new artists they’ve never heard of before,” Greenshields said.

There will not be food at the festival but there are surrounding businesses in the area where people can stop for dinner. Greenshields said he hopes people come out to support these rising artists by enjoying the show and buying their merchandise.

Tickets can be bought on their website with a suggested donation of $20.

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