Ann Arbor Celebrates the 53rd Annual Hash Bash

Hash Bash is an Ann Arbor tradition that’s been around for half a century. The first Hash Bash was thrown as a response to John Sinclair’s conviction for possession of two marijuana joints, and the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling that the law used to convict him was unconstitutional.

Before cannabis was legalized in Michigan, Ann Arbor itself had different laws for consuming cannabis than the University of Michigan’s campus, which is under state and federal jurisdiction. But every year on Hash Bash, it was generally understood (by the public as well as the police force) that as long as protestors were peaceful, the police officers would not enforce the state law.

Even though cannabis is now legalized statewide — Michigan was the first midwest state to do so — celebrating its history with hundreds of like-minded folk is still so much fun! The Hash Bash prides itself in educating and celebrating cannabis-related issues. 

The big day is April 6, 11am-6pm at the Monroe Street Fair (800 Monroe, by Tappan Ave), 9am-6pm. (Hash Bash is always the first Saturday in April.)

It’s hosted on public streets and sidewalks, no matter the weather. A variety of food options will be available via food trucks as well as easy access to Ann Arbor’s many downtown restaurants!

You can expect to hear from 5 to 6 bands of the hottest Michigan artists, some of which are Washtenaw County artists.

There are a variety of parking garages and street parking options available. 

Remember, although marijuana is legalized statewide, the University of Michigan needs to follow federal laws regarding prohibiting cannabis in any form, so it is technically illegal on campus — even if forms of cannabis are permitted in other areas of town. If you’re a cannabis consumer, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite greenery! Perhaps you meet up with friends and smoke a joint before or you consume in the form of edibles.

Definitely bring cash in case you want to patronize a vendor, and consider wearing any weed-related outfits you own.

If you want some additional celebrations, the Hash Bash Cup is April 5 (Friday) at 3pm until Sunday at 6pm, at Wyndham Garden Hotel. A one-day pass is $50 and a three-day pass is $80, with VIP passes available. Vendors include celebrity guests, live performances, glass blowers and food trucks — the hotel also boasts a hot tub and a pool. The awards show is Saturday at 8pm, with glass demolition immediately thereafter!

Hash Bash continues to be Ann Arbor’s beloved tradition celebrating community and peace–all centered around our favorite green plant. 

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