Oshima Brothers Will Reschedule Ann Arbor Show for March

The Folk Duo Can’t Wait to Play The Ark

Two brothers from Maine combine their artistries to write and produce their own music and music videos. Oshima Brothers prepare for the release of their upcoming EP “Golden” on Jan. 28, which will be followed by the drop of their album “Dark Nights Golden Days” in March.

Sean and Jamie Oshima were booked to play the Ann Arbor Folk Festival until the show was canceled due to changes in gathering restrictions. However, they will be returning to Ann Arbor in March (date TBD) to perform at The Ark.

“We love The Ark,” Sean said. “We’ve never played at The Ark in person, but we were told amazing things and we can’t wait.”

Oshima Brothers played their first Ann Arbor show at the 2019 Ann Arbor Art Fair.  They also participated in The Ark’s livestream fundraiser in 2020. 

Their most recently released EP “Dark” and their upcoming EP “Golden” will be combined with additional new songs in their 17 song album. 

As it is used in the title of “Dark Nights Golden Days”, juxtaposition is present throughout the entirety of the album in terms of production and lyrics. The album includes songs of love and heartbreak as well as songs with heavy messages and songs that are more carefree.

Sean and Jamie Oshima will release their album Dark Nights Golden Days in March. Photo by Jamie Oshima.

“We have slow soft ballads full of acoustic guitar and muted piano on the same album as disco grooves and loud bass and drums. It’s an album that takes you up and down like a roller coaster,” Sean said. 

One of their favorites on the album is the single “Dance With Me” that came out in the fall. It’s a groovy roots pop song, or as Jamie labels it “kind of pop.” 

“I want to make music that is poetically interesting and also feels really good to listen to. 

So that’s what this song and this whole EP is,” Sean said. 

Oshima Brothers spend part of their time making music and part of it artistically making music videos. 

“I really love having the full process be done by us the whole way through,” Jamie said. “It feels like showing the song to people in its richest form and the form that is most close to our hearts.”

Sean and Jamie agree that they work best as a team. Each brother has his own areas of expertise so they are able to divide up the work. 

“We just want to make music and bring people hope and make people dance and have fun being brothers along the way,” Jamie said. 

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