Laurén Magda Reflects Her Healing Process in Her Art

Magda’s unique acrylic art on wood panels is a result of the healing she has worked through the last few years.

Laurén Magda’s journey as a multidisciplinary artist blossomed after an artistic and spiritual awakening about three years ago.

Laurén Magda has always considered herself a creator. She went to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration. For the last 11 years, she has been working as a professional graphic designer for a variety of companies.

Her art grew along with her. As she started working towards healing her trauma, she was able to unlock new ways to express herself in her work.

Laurén Magda and Her Healing Journey

“It took me a long time after art school to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my fine art and what led to that was a healing journey,” Magda said.

While she considers herself a multidisciplinary artist, her main medium is acrylic on wood panels. She specialized in more portraits and animal paintings prior to her current approach to art. Along her healing journey, Magda has gone in a more intuitive direction and her art has become more abstract.

“I didn’t really look at any artist or theme or style when I was developing this new form of art that I’m doing now. It was really an internal process,” Magda notes.

Laurén Magda is very open about the generational trauma and mental health issues that she looks directly at and tries to heal from internally for the last three years. This trauma is what led to the healing journey which has ultimately transformed her work.

“Creating from a space of genuine passion gives artists a platform to discuss other really important social topics,” Magda says. “In my case, I think I was put here as an artist to have a platform to discuss mental health issues and healing generational trauma.”

Laurén Magda
Laurén Magda is a local interdisciplinary artist who addresses topics of mental health and generational trauma in her work. Image courtesy of the Nomadic Madame.


The last few years have inspired Magda to create her upcoming collection “Portals.” Each piece in the collection represents a different stage of the healing process. The circular pieces of work intended to create the illusion of looking into a portal.

“I feel strongly about it because it is the most unified collection of work that comes from this space of healing that I’ve been through,” Magda says.

Every print is symmetrical in this series of both small and large paintings. They range from six inches by six inches and 24 inches by 24 inches. Magda’s painted wood panels in “Portals’” consciously reveal some of the wood grain texture.

“I want to infuse nature in everything that I do artistically because I feel that everything is just very connected and I feel that everything on this earth should be represented in my work in some way,” Magda says.

The largest piece in the collection is called “Zen Moment.” This piece is defined by its bold colors and careful linework.

“It depicts what I feel is a moment of zen in this chaotic world and that moment of peace within yourself,” Magda said.

Where to Find Recent Work

Magda’s work can be found on her website In her online store, she sells fine arts prints in a variety of sizes. She also sells merchandise on her website to support her studio practice. Magda’s vibrant designs come as prints on iPhone cases, journals, and sketchbooks. She says the merchandise section of the online store is still growing. You’ll be able to find more options soon.

One of Magda’s goals is to get more involved locally. She has been working towards registering for various events and street fairs throughout the area. She hopes to continue making local connections. The vulnerability in her artwork allows her to make genuine connections with other artists and people who buy her work.

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