The Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Offers Outdoor Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

Ready to get outside and play? The Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation has a list of fun things you and the family can do this Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial Day is this weekend! Although it does mean a nice, long weekend for some, there are events and happenings that hopefully everyone will get a chance to enjoy. If you want an outside activity this Memorial Day, the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation have plenty of fun, outside options for you and the family to enjoy.

Throughout May, the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation has been celebrating Huron River Day. It’s a chance for everyone to learn about river safety, wetlands, shorelines, dams, floodplains, and how we benefit from access to the river. Signs are in parks along the river that feature icons with an activity, educational prompt, and an opportunity to participate in the Enviro Challenge (EC). Each EC entry involves taking a picture, tagging yourself, and posting it to Twitter (@a2parks) or Instagram (@annarborparks) with the hashtag #HuroNRiverDay. This will enter you in a chance to win prizes! There are more than $1,000 in prizes from local businesses to be awarded, but you have to get out soon. The contest ends on May 31.

To find where the signs are located and for more information, click here

The city is also holding a Garlic Mustard weed-out week. From now until Sunday, May 30, you can learn about Garlic Mustard, an aggressive and invasive plant that can quickly crowd out native plants and decrease biodiversity. Learning to identify and pull garlic mustard is fun and easy for everyone, which makes this volunteer opportunity perfect for the family. From sunrise to sunset anytime during the week, everyone is encouraged to check out their yards and remove this plant menace. 

For more information, check out the A2Gov website.

This weekend, the Ann Arbor Farmers Market (AAFM) will feature farm-fresh produce and more. Shop some of the best local produce this Saturday, May 29 from 7am until 3pm. Safety guidelines will be posted throughout the venue. 

Then, on Sunday, May 30, the AAFM will be celebrating Ann Arbor Flower Day! Come out to visit the Sunday Artisan Market between 10am and 4pm to find some special flower day sales and celebrations. AAFM growers will offer a premium variety of flowers, plants, bulbs, seeds, seedlings, and herbs at value prices. Be sure to come early for the best selection!

For more information on the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and Ann Arbor Flower Day, click here.

Memorial Day also signifies the opening of water in the Ann Arbor area! The Argo and Gallup liveries will be open every day from 9am until 8pm for boat rentals and river trips. The Argo Livery offers the 3.7-mile river trip every day from 9am to 4pm and still water paddling on the 2 mile Argo Pond every day from 9am until 6pm. All boats will be due back by 8pm.

The Gallup Livery has a 5.7-mile river trip every day from 9am until noon, and still water paddling on the 2.5-mile Gallup Pond every day from 9am until 6pm. All boats will be due back by 8pm. Double kayaks, single kayaks, kid kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and paddleboats are all available to rent. Remember to reserve your boat before heading out!

For more kayaking and canoeing information, click here.

Leslie Park Golf Course is open, but tee times are booking quickly. Be sure to plan ahead when grabbing your clubs and hitting the links this weekend! You can book up to two weeks in advance online or by phone. Due to an ongoing construction project at Huron Hills Golf Course, you can book a tee time for 11 holes. Masks will be required in and around the clubhouses.

For more information, click here.

Buhr, Fuller, and Veterans Memorial Park pools open this weekend! Be sure to book your reservations in advance. Drop-in reservations are not available. Visit here to reserve your next swim spot. For details on how pool reservations work, click here

Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone!

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