Washtenaw County on a Budget: A Thrift Store Roundup

By Mary Ann Humphrey

Resale shopping isn’t for the faint of heart. Dedicated thrift shoppers brave the dust and the piles of previously owned items to find unique pieces. It’s the thrill of the hunt that drives many bargain shoppers. And while it can be frustrating to search for a specific item, patience and a good eye are key ingredients to finding a score.

The Ann Arbor Thrift Shop

3530 Washtenaw Ave. K, Ann Arbor.
Hours: 10am-4pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 10am-1pm Saturday

The Ann Arbor Thrift Shop is a well-organized store that looks more like a boutique than a resale shop. Small household goods, dishware, clothing, books, shoes, and jewelry are nicely displayed and easily accessible. This is a good place to find higher-end clothing for a fraction of the retail cost.

pto thrift shop
Image courtesy of Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop.

Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop

2280 S. Industrial Pkwy., Ann Arbor
Hours: 9am–7pm, Monday-Friday; 9am–6pm, Saturday; 11am–7pm, Sunday

This thrift store takes a little bit of work — it’s big and a bit jumbled, but definitely home to great finds. Linens, crafts, clothes, toys, furniture, and seasonal items are available. “PTO” stands for “Parent Teacher Organization,” and the greatest thing about this store is that all proceeds benefit Ann Arbor public school student activities. So whether you’re shopping or donating, you’re giving to a good cause. For every $5 you spend, you get a token in support of one of the student groups which displays information about their enrichment activities in the store lobby. The shop donates $1,000 each week of the school calendar year.

Clothes Mentor

339 N. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor.
Hours: 10am-8pm, Monday-Saturday; 11am-5pm, Sunday.

The Clothes Mentor focuses on women’s resales fashion. It’s a nationwide resale brand that serves communities in their in-person stores as well as online. You’re able to sell your gently used clothing that has plenty of life left for either cash or in-store credit. They have a lot of name-brand items, so patrons are able to find anything fashion-related they’re looking for! They stick closely to supporting their community with a low carbon footprint and believe in sustainable clothing. Although the pricing isn’t always what you’d expect from a thrift store, it does sell designer brands for a significant discount.

Kiwanis Thrift Sale Downtown

100 N. Staebler Rd., Suite C, Ann Arbor.
Hours: 9am-Noon, Saturdays

This is a great place to score vintage furniture, jewelry, and art. The Kiwanis thrift store has two floors of merchandise — small household goods, books, dishware, glassware, and clothing on the first floor, and downstairs carries furniture, art, antiques, jewelry, and more. The Kiwanis also has a warehouse on Plaza Drive which houses tons of furniture — an excellent place to find the perfect vintage chair or table to repurpose for your home.

New 2 U Thrift Shop

1788 E. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti
Hours: 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-4pm, Saturday.

New 2U Thrift Store works to provide family-friendly items at a family-friendly price. Their online store shows more than just the clothing they offer. With a variety of goods, New 2U is a great place to look. Their mission is to continue to help the community find affordable clothing that is clean to wear out of the store if you so choose. Check their online store to see a sample of the items they have in stock!

Image courtesy of Nu2U Again’s Facebook.

Nu2U Again Resale Shop

1311 E. Michigan Ave., Saline.
Hours: Noon-6pm, Monday-Friday; Noon-5pm, Saturday

Nu2U Again is a great thrift shop to visit to help support the community. This store often partners with Saline Area Schools Special Education, Liberty Club, Eisenhower Center, Life Enrichment Academy, and other organizations to provide job coaching to ensure the success of their employees. Nu2U Again works on celebrating the differences of people in our community, primarily hiring students and adults with disabilities. What’s more, proceeds from Nu2U Again will be donated to special needs organizations within the Saline Community and provide a scholarship for a Connecting student at Saline High School.

The Resale Boutique

206 W. Michigan Ave., Saline
Hours: Noon-7pm, Thursday; Noon-5pm, Friday-Saturday

The Resale Boutique is similar in goods as the Clothes Mentor in that it carries a lot of high-end, designer fashions. Although the discounts aren’t exactly what some would call thrifty, it is a substantial discount from the original designer prices. How often can you find a Vera Bradly bag for $25? It’s a great place for those who want to be fashionable yet still stay on a budget.

thrift shop
Image courtesy of The Share House’s Facebook.

The Share House

5161 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor.
Hours: 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday; 9am-4pm, Saturday

The Share House has just about anything you could possibly want. From furniture to clothing, this place can be a one-stop shop for those looking to furnish their homes and dressers on a budget. The store also takes donations of certain items, so if you find you have a surplus of items and are ready to donate them, the Share House hosts a few hours a day where they can take in sizable donations. This thrift store is a non-profit organization, so you can rest assured that your items aren’t being resold to make someone else rich.

Top Drawer

1960 S. Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor
Hours: 11am-7pm, Monday-Saturday

This consignment shop has a variety of high fashion items by high-end designers for patrons to pick up. You’re able to find a few name brands at a relatively good discount by searching the racks at Top Drawer. Being a designer thrift shop, it does come off as being more pricy than some of the other consignment shops on this list. However, you are purchasing top-of-the-line brands, so it sort of balances out depending on what you’re looking for.

The Thrift Depot

19 E. Cross St., Ypsilanti
Hours: Noon-7pm, Tuesday; 10am-5pm, Wednesday-Friday; 9am-Noon, Saturday

When you donate to the Thrift Depot, you know you’re donating to a business that wants the community to be better. Their mission is to help support people in our community who are facing homelessness. They do this by partnering with local organizations to help provide shoes, clothing, and other essentials to people in need at no cost. Donating to this business will not only help you clean out your home or closet, but it also helps some of the most vulnerable people in our community. It’s a great way to pick up some great thrift store finds while also helping those in our community who need it most.

thrift shop
Image courtesy of Ypsilanti Thrift Shop’s website.

Ypsilanti Thrift Shop

14 S. Washington STt, Ypsilanti
Hours: 1-4pm, Monday; Noon-6pm, Tuesday; 10am-4pm, Wednesday-Thursday; 1-4pm, Friday; 11am-2pm, Saturday

The Ypsilanti Thrift Shop has been a part of our community since 1942, and no one who works at the store gets paid. Ypsilanti Thrift Shop is a volunteer-run thrift shop where all profits are donated to local charities. The store sells a variety of items, from clothing for men, women, and children, to household items and countertop appliances, you are sure to find a hidden treasure in this thrift shop. Additionally, if you’re looking to help the community, this location is always happy to take volunteers or donations. Be sure to check out their website for more information!

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