Autumn 2015 Farmer’s Market Guide

. September 18, 2015.

Fall is officially in the air, and with it comes a bounty of new local, sustainable goods in Southeast Michigan’s Farmers’ Markets. From fall squash to homemade knick-knacks, support local growers and businesses, and find the freshest food and ingredients by using our handy guide. Descriptions are provided by the market organizers.


Cobblestone Farm Market

Buhr Park | 2751 Packard St.
734-794-6234 |

The Cobblestone Farm Market is an earth-friendly, non-profit organization that focuses on strengthening community and increasing local food accessibility, security and quality. The Market is a project of the Cobblestone Farm Association.


Bushel Basket Farmers’ Market

222 S. Main St., Chelsea

The Bushel Basket Farmers’ Market takes place Wednesday afternoons in downtown Chelsea (note the new location). The market features a variety of local and fresh healthy foods and handmade products in a pleasant, easily accessible location for residents and visitors to Chelsea and surrounding communities. The market has 19 full season vendors this year. In addition to fresh seasonal produce and local grass-fed meat, you'll also find herbs, annuals, perennials and flowers, and a variety of local food and handmade products such as soaps, arts and crafts, birdhouses, baked goods, maple syrup, granola, artisan cheese, kettle-corn, spice rubs, cards, and nuts.

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market

7am/Wednesday’s, 4pm/Saturday’s 
315 Detroit St.
734.794.6000 |

​The Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market is in the heart of the historic Kerrytown neighborhood of Ann Arbor. In operation for 96 years, the Wednesday and Saturday daytime markets offer an incredible diversity of products, bringing together farmers, plant nurseries, artisans, food carts, and a variety of prepared food vendors. The market takes great pride in reaching customers both during the week and on the weekend, as well as during day and in the evening.


Westside Farmers’ Market

2501 Jackson Rd.

Pick up your favorite fresh fruit, veggies, meat, and eggs straight from the farmer. Don't forget a loaf of fresh bread with an array of flavored butters or olive oil, Michigan wine, and decadent chocolate or a delicious pastry. Bringing the puppy? There will be treats for them as well. Remember, we always have ample, FREE parking!

Pittsfield Farmers’ Market

6201 Michigan Ave (Platt & Michigan) 
734-822-3152 |

The Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market provides a venue for local farmers, food producers, and artisans to bring fresh, locally-grown and produced food and related products to all members of our community.


Dixboro Farmers’ Market

5221 Church Rd., Ann Arbor

Nestled in the tranquil village of Dixboro, Michigan this market is a throwback to yesteryear.  Situated alongside a historic  one-room schoolhouse on the Dixboro Village Green, the market is dedicated to supporting local growers and producers through the creation of a vibrant marketplace welcoming to all. The market aims to preserve both the area’s agricultural history and foster innovation, while meeting the demands of area residents for additional opportunities to purchase local, fresh food.


Canton Farmers’ Market

500 N. Ridge Rd., Canton
734-394-5100 |

The Canton Farmers Market is an open air Market featuring a variety of Michigan grown and made food as well as handcrafted goods. By buying local, you are purchasing from the local producer so you can learn how the food was grown or made. Buying local benefits the local economy as well as the environment since your food travels less distance from farm to fork! Meet your friends, family and neighbors at the Market and enjoy the local fare and a variety of activities including, cooking, gardening and kids activities. Through October 18

Saline Saturday Indoor Farmers’ Market

Liberty School, 7265 Saline Ann Arbor Rd.
734-429-3518 |

The Saline Farmers Market was created in 2000. Mayor Driskell implemented the idea and the Saline Farmers Market was launched with a trial run for three weeks in the fall. In 2001 the Saturday Market started its first full season and serves area residents and visitors May through October each year at its convenient location in downtown Saline. In 2010 the Tuesday Market began its first full season from June through September at the Saline District Library. Also in 2010, the indoor Winter Market started its first season from November through April located at 199 W. Michigan Ave. The Winter Market will relocate to Liberty School November 2011 providing more room for more vendors.


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