Street Closures Planned In Washtenaw County to Support Local Businesses

Cities in Washtenaw County are planning road closures to ensure that local businesses can stay afloat. Here are the streets you should keep an eye out for!

Washtenaw County is making way for Summer while COVID is still going. To accommodate businesses and ensure they can remain open post-COVID, several cities in Washtenaw County are planning street closures. 

From Thursday to Sunday, several streets in Ypsilanti will begin closing to support outdoor dining and shopping. This practice was done last year to the street businesses’ success and will continue this year to ensure our local businesses can continue to operate.

Street closures will include N. Washington Street from Michigan Avenue to Pearl Street, S. Washington Street from Ferris to Michigan Avenue, and W. Cross Street from River Street to Rice Street. 

Last year, the city also closed the downtown and Depot Town streets to allow businesses to expand their capacity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed eateries and bars, such as Aubree’s Pizza, Maiz, Bobcat Bonnie’s, and Wax Bar to set up outdoor dining and drinking spaces for patrons to visit safely. A market was also held outdoors, and a socially distanced Honey Bee festival took place in the street. When traveling through Ypsilanti, it’s important to keep these closures in mind. 

The idea of street closures to support local businesses started in Ann Arbor and will be reinstated again this year. Several streets in Ann Arbor will be closed until August to ensure that businesses can stay afloat and patrons can safely visit their stores, restaurants, and buildings.

These closures include Main Street from William Street to Washington, W. Liberty Street from Ashley Street to Main Street, E. Liberty Street from Main Street to Fourth Avenue and from Maynard to State Street, W. Washington Street from Ashley Street to Main Street, State Street from Washington Street to William Street, and Maynard Street on the east side, or the northbound portion from Liberty Street to William Street.

Saline will be closing down part of South Ann Arbor Street to recreate The Umbrella Square again this summer. On May 1, crossing east to west at the heart of the 4 corners will be easy once again. Similar to last year, these closures will help ensure that patrons can continue to visit these businesses while remaining socially distant.

Last year, more cities in Washtenaw County closed their streets to help businesses stay afloat. Whether or not other cities plan on closing their streets for businesses is not clear as of now, but there is a possibility that they will. This practice has helped keep the businesses afloat, so don’t be surprised if you run into closed streets as you travel around the county.

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