Entheofest Celebrates September as Entheogenic Plants and Fungi Awareness Month

September is Entheogenic Plants and Fungi Awareness Month. To celebrate, Decriminalize Nature Michigan is throwing EntheoFest.

The Ann Arbor City Council has designated September as Entheogenic Plant and Fungi Awareness Month. To celebrate, there will be a psychedelic mushroom festival that is free to attend called Entheofest.

The City Council unanimously voted and approved the resolution which makes September a month for entheogenic plants and fungi. Passing the resolution was done in the hopes that they could increase awareness and understanding of the potential benefits of psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelic plants and fungi. This includes improving mental health and aiding in personal and spiritual growth.

In September of 2020, the City Council made entheogenic plants and fungi the city’s lowest law-enforcement priority. This effectively decriminalized them and made them more accessible to community members who need them.

Entheofest 2021

Entheofest will take place at the Michigan Diag on September 19 at 11:11am. The Entheofest Planning Committee has put together a festival with great speakers, music, and information on entheogenic plants and fungi. The keynote speaker for the event is Barking Dog Darryl Brown. Additionally, former Fox 2 News Anchor Anqunette Sarfoh will be Master of Ceremonies.

The Entheofest Planning Committee is excited to bring other notable psychedelic student activists, personalities, and other drug policy reform organizations to the event. Other speakers include the Michigan Psychedelic Society, Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor, Decriminalize Nature Grand Rapids, the Entheo Show, and so many more. Additionally, there will be drumming by Lamain Soumah and Sundance DiDomenico, and music by Brennen Andes and Friends.

Please note: This event is about celebrating plant teachers and continuing support for the decriminalization of these substances. When attending the event, consider the University of Michigan space and others attending the festival before partaking in psychedelic fungi and plants. Please do not approach the event as a space for consuming these substances. 

Come check out the festival at 11:11am until 2:22pm on September 19! For more information, check out Entheofest 2021’s website.

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