Royal Starr Film Festival Hosts Two Weekends of Films

The Royal Starr Film Festival takes place over two weekends and will feature some great films. Here’s how to catch the festival!

The 2021 Royal Starr Film Festival will be hosting two weekends of award-winning films and short films for patrons to enjoy. The film festival will take place from Friday, September 10 to Sunday, September 12, and Friday, September 17 to Saturday, September 18.

The Royal Starr Arts Institute hosts the Royal Starr Film Festival annually. They’re a nonprofit that works to serve the creative community by bringing together artists in Michigan through networking, events, and education. Their work on the Royal Starr Film Festival has made the festival an internationally recognized movie gala.

Royal Starr Film Festival

Films at the 2021 Royal Starr Film Festival will vary. Cinephiles will be able to choose what films or block of films they want to check out. As of now, there are twenty-two different film blocks to choose from, including two short film blocks. These short film blocks will have a variety of film types to enjoy. With the short film blocks, you’ll get eight to ten different short films, which will vary in length, between five to fifteen minutes. Be sure to check out each film block beforehand to see what short you’ll be seeing during that time. 

One of the short films that stand out in its block is The Weight of Perfection. The Weight of Perfection stars young gymnast, Ellen (Hayden Hishaw) who is told to lose weight by Coach Amanda (Leanne Bishop). This directive ends up causing Ellen to spiral into an eating disorder of her own. Coach Amanda needs to deal with her own problems in order to find out what’s wrong with Ellen. This film works to address the severity of eating disorders not only among girls and women. It focuses on the disorder within the gymnastics community as a whole. What’s more, this film was written and directed by women who have survived eating disorders. This perspective brings honesty to the film.

Each film presented at the festival brings a new perspective of how the film medium should be used. They’re stories you’ll definitely want to catch! 

For a full line-up of movies at the festival or to purchase tickets, check out the Royal Starr Arts Institute website.

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