Lume Offers One-of-a-Kind Cannabis Gift Bundles for the Holidays

. December 14, 2020.
Lume Cannabis Co
Image courtesy of Lume Cannabis Co.

Looking for a special type of gift? Lume has you covered!

Lume Cannabis Company introduced a one-of-a-kind gift bundle for the holidays. Each bundle has hand-picked Lume products for everyone in your life and range in price from $50 to $125.

“We are excited to introduce these one-of-a-kind cannabis gift bundles for the 2020 holiday gift-giving season,” said Doug Hellyar, president and COO of Lume. “Each features a mix of our effects-based products and was designed to meet the unique needs of cannabis enthusiasts across Michigan.”

The bundles come in the following varieties:

  • Adventurer: Move cartridge + battery, pre-roll pack, Unwind gummies, Lume lighter, and Lume t-shirt — $99
  • All Star Dreamer: Dream cartridge + battery, Dream gummies, Indica pre-roll, Lume lighter — $75
  • Athlete: CBD extra strength relief stick, Move gummies, and Unwind gummies — $99
  • Serial Chiller: Unwind cartridge + battery, Hybrid pre-roll, and Lume lighter — $50
  • Visionary: Focus cartridge + battery, CBD tincture, and Focus gummies — $125

Bundles can be purchased in any Lume store, curbside, ordered ahead online, or via delivery to your door, with no delivery fee offered throughout December. To purchase online for pickup or delivery, visit the Lume website.

“Let Lume do the hard work for you with perfectly curated gift bags, making you a holiday hero,” Hellyar said.

Lume offers more than 20 strands of high-quality Lume flower, lines of effects-based Lume Cartridges and Lume Gummies, a line of Lume-branded CBD infused tinctures, blams, body butters, and more. All Lume products are produced without harmful chemicals and go through the most rigorous testing in the industry to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality and safety.

15205 Tandem Ct., Petersburg. 517-401-6986. | Hours: 10am-9pm, Monday to Saturday; 11am-9pm Sunday


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