Ann Arbor’s Restaurant Week Takes Place Until February 26

This year, Ann Arbor’s Restaurant week lines up with the first-ever Ann Arbor Area Hotel Week. Come check-in for a great week of delicious food! This is the start of Ann Arbor’s Restaurant Week! Enjoy a week of delicious meals from some of the best local restaurants the area has to offer. Restaurant week is a celebration of the awesome restaurants that Ann Arbor has to offer. You can come and try new foods and new places to expand your knowledge of the areas. Due to COVID, this year is running slightly differently. A lot of restaurants are offering meals to go, letting you enjoy your tasty treats from the safety of home. Additionally, lunch and dinner options are all being offered. You can pick from different menu items for two, vegetarian and vegan options, and even try some of this year’s menu or chef highlights! You could try a lunch from The Blue Tractor, then have a delicious dinner for two from Mani & Isalita. Each restaurant will be offering different specials and pricing. This gives you the ideal opportunity to try that restaurant you always see but haven’t yet had the time to visit. It’s also the perfect time to explore the different types of food Ann Arbor has to offer. And there is a LOT of different types of food. You could even turn the whole week into a mini staycation. This week marks the start of Ann Arbor Area Hotel week, which gives you the chance to try awesome hotels in the area. Each hotel will be offering a special rate and promotions for a limited time. Going out right now is a little scary, but you can still enjoy a mini staycation while not missing a beat. Hotels and restaurants are all following the safety guidelines outlined by the state. Please follow state safety guidelines when out adventuring, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and more. For a complete list of the restaurants participating in this year’s restaurant week, be sure to check out the Ann Arbor Restaurant Week website.

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