WonderFool Productions Announces Plan for FoolMoon 2021

WonderFool Productions is excited to announce their plans for FoolMoon 2021, the annual celebration of the power of creativity and light in building commUNITY in Ann Arbor. Community artmaking is set to begin in March, providing an array of light-filled, public art to unfold across downtown Ann Arbor. This will all culminate on Friday, April 9 through socially distanced experience in town, at home, and online to spark wonder and delight for all ages.

This year’s FoolMoon theme is Shine Your Light A2, which affirms that our commUNITY shines brightest together, especially during the darkest of times. In its 11th year of creating magic and wonder in the heart of Ann Arbor every spring, FoolMoon invites the community to dust off their luminaries, put the holiday lights on, don a crazy costume, mask up, and join in on this annual spring celebration.

“We believe in the power of the arts in healing and bringing us together to rise above difficult times as a community,” shared Jeri Rosenberg, WonderFool Productions board chair and founding member. “We have been so inspired and energized by the community’s eagerness to make amazing art and create joy through this year’s FoolMoon celebration. Together we can open new possibilities and hope for our future, so let’s make some light coming out of this long, dark tunnel!”

March is Moon Making Month

Kids of all ages will be making art in march with a combination of online and at home projects, workshops, camps, and how-to videos. Starting April 1, the Ann Arbor District Library will start hosting 9 Days of Glow, which offers video craft projects, inspirations, and a contest. WonderFool Productions is engaging TreeTown Murals teaching artists to lead Ann Arbor Public School students in creating Moon Mandalas that will inspire a trio of mandala street murals for FoolMoon. These projects are provided thanks to community partners, ANn Arbor District Library, AnnA r or Public School art teachers, Ann Arbor ARt Center, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Community Action Network, Neutral Zone, TreeTown Murals, SCRAP Creative Reuse, and more.

FoolMoon Art + Light to Shine in Downtown Ann Arbor

FoolMoon will also bring its creative spirit to the Kerrytown, Main Street, and State Street districts. Wonderfool Productions is commissioning local artists and light designers to activate iconic downtown places, spaces, and windows. TreeTown Murals will create a trio of FoolMoon Mandala street murals in each downtown area and Brush Monkey artists will work on creating glowing storefront displays. These displays will start showing themselves around April Fool’s Day, andwill shine brightest on the FoolMoon (Friday, April 9). Put on your crazy consume, light those luminaries, mask up, and social distance to come experience the FoolMoon show across Ann Arbor.

FoolMoon Stroll + Roll Supports Local Businesses

This year, FoolMoon Roll + Stroll will promote and support local businesses navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses will feature FoolMoon specials. Watch for more details here.For more information and to keep up to date on the latest for the FoolMoon event, check out the WonderFool Productions website.

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