United Way of Washtenaw County Launches the 21-Day Equity Challenge

Join the 21-Day Equity Challenge to build awareness of our community’s bias, prejudice, privilege, and oppression.

The United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) launched the 2021 Edition of the 21-Day Equity Challenge on June 19. The Equity Challenge works to build our community’s awareness of the ways that bias, prejudice, privilege, and oppression show up in our work and lives.

UWWC is an anti-racist, anti-poverty organization whose vision is to ensure that your zip code will no longer predict your opportunity in life by 2030. At present, in Washtenaw County, it does.

The 21-Day Equity Challenge

Much has changed since the first Equity Challenge, launched in January 2020. Following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others. The Equity Challenge will be held annually to create a movement of informed people that are ready to be part of the conversation that creates solutions for a stronger community.

The new and updated Equity Challenge is a virtual self-guided learning journey that examines the history and impacts of racism and how it shapes our lived experiences in Washtenaw County. Each morning, participants will receive an email “prompt” with readings, videos, and/or podcasts. Take ten to fifteen minutes each day with the material. You’ll also receive examples and tools on how to undo racism and build racial equity and justice. To support learning, reflection, and action, UWWC is partnering with Nonprofit Enterprise at Work to host a series of community conversations during the Challenge.

“United Way can’t advance our vision alone. We need partners at every level of the County to work with us,” says President and CEO of UWWC, Pat Smith. “We believe the 21-Day Equity Challenge offers the entire community an opportunity to collaborate with United Way to identify actionable steps for ending racism and inequity throughout Washtenaw County.

Participants interested in joining the 21-Day Equity Challenge can sign up at any time here and check out cataloged Challenge topics here

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