The Ann Arbor District Library Celebrates Bicentennial with Ann Arbor 200

The Ann Arbor District Library is celebrating the city’s bicentennial year with the Ann Arbor 200 project. Learn more about Ann Arbor, submit topic suggestions, and share your love for the city!

Ann Arbor is creeping up on its bicentennial year, marking 200 years since its founding. To celebrate, the Ann Arbor District Library is working on a project called Ann Arbor 200.

John Allen and Elisha Rumsey founded Ann Arbor in 1824. It’s still unclear exactly why the city was named for their wives (who were both called Ann) or for another reason, but the small village became the mainstay of what was known as Washtenaw County. Here we are, 200 years later and still thriving!

To celebrate, the Ann Arbor District Library will be releasing 200 content pieces that explore topics on Ann Arbor’s history in 2024. This content will come from a variety of sources, including library staff, writers, filmmakers, artists, and maybe partnerships with organizations. 

The type of content that will be curated will vary in scope and style. Some projects may be more informative, some whimsical, and some will be experimental. The library is hoping to explore historical topics in a varied way. But what will those topics be?

That’s where the Ann Arbor District Library needs some help. Our local library is looking for suggestions one what topics of Ann Arbor’s history we’d like to see covered. These topics can be specific or more general. They want ideas on what stories make up the city around us. It can be something you know or something you’ve always wondered about. It’s the right time to ask any questions about the Ann Arbor area you may be interested in knowing.

To contribute suggestions to the Ann Arbor 200 project, email To learn more about the Ann Arbor 200 project, visit the website.

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