Art Around Saline has a Call for Submissions

. October 27, 2020.
Image courtesy of City of Saline’s Facebook.

The Saline Arts & Cultural Committee is taking submissions for the Art Around Saline 2021 program. Deadline to submit art is December 1.

The Saline Arts and Cultural Committee is looking for applicants for the Art Around Saline 2021 program. The call for artists is open now and a deadline for submissions is set to December 1.

Inspired by the Detroit Institute of Art’s “Inside | Outside” program, the City of Saline Arts & Culture Committee initiated “Art Around Saline” in 2017. The program has been running strong, and encourages local artists to show off their work, help citizens increase pride in their community, and promote Saline’s growing art community. Selected works will be reprinted, framed, and exhibited in public spaces in downtown Saline. 

As of right now, thirteen works of art can be found around downtown Saline, with additional pieces displayed throughout the community. These pieces are currently on display near the intersection of Michigan Ave and Ann Arbor Saline Road in historic downtown Saline, with legacy pieces displayed throughout the city.

Works for Art Around Saline 2021 will be selected by a blind jury. Each selected artist will receive honoraria of $300. Visit the Art Around Saline submission page for more details on how to submit your work for consideration.


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