Redemption Foundation Works to Help Nonviolent Cannabis Offenders

. August 10, 2020.
Redemption Foundation
Stock photo courtesy of Aphiwat chuangchoem.

Redemption Cannabis has founded the nonprofit Redemption Foundation in order to free prisoners with marijuana-related offenses.

Since the legalization of cannabis in Michigan, an important question has been looming over us: What about the prisoners who were convicted on nonviolent cannabis possession charges? Traverse City growers Redemption Cannabis believes in helping to free these prisoners.

Ryan Basore of Redemption Cannabis announced on Thursday, August 6, a nonprofit designed to help those who have been incarcerated on nonviolent cannabis prisoners called the Redemption Foundation. The foundation plans on helping nonviolent prisoners by funding and encouraging important social justice activities to keep the community informed. The Redemption Foundation will provide support for activities such as: providing financial, legal, and emotional support to federal cannabis prisoners across the country, providing free expungement programs to qualifying Michigan applicants, and supporting the development of re-entry programs in the cannabis industry.

Basore has made helping nonviolent marijuana prisoners a personal goal due to experience with how the judicial system has handled his own marijuana arrest in the past. Previously, Basore was sentenced to four years in federal prison for charges relating to being a caregiver. 

“Michigan’s industry was founded on the backs of caregivers and others who have been thrown in jail for growing in a plant that is proven to help people with serious medical conditions. I should know because I was one of them,” said Basore. “Redemption was launched with the promise to dedicate 10 percent of our proceeds toward helping those who have been unjustly penalized by prohibition and the launch of our foundation is the first step to fulfilling that promise.” 

The Redemption Foundation has some of Michigan’s leading cannabis industry and policy experts on their advisory board. These names include Michigan Cannabis lawyer Josh Covert, Lansing City Council Member Brandon Betz, State Senator Jeff Irwin, and many more recognizable names. 

Basore says, “The Redemption Foundation will be focused on ensuring that we recognize that injustices continue to persist, and we have assembled an outstanding team who will guide or work to correct the wrongs of the past.”

Visit the Redemption Foundation website for more information and how you can be part of the cause.


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