Ann Arbor Symphony Announces Virtual Concerts at Michigan Theater

. February 22, 2021.
Image courtesy of Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra is finally returning to Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater this week to begin its virtual spring season. The orchestra plans on performing three concerts with a full string orchestra at the Michigan Theater along with additional virtual chamber music performances paired with pick-up meals from local Ann Arbor restaurants. 

To ensure the safety of the orchestra, each performance will be recorded live without an audience. All performances will be on-demand streaming until June 30, 2021. 

“This is a moment for celebration,” said A2SO Executive Director Tyler Rand. “The symphony has been unable to gather a group of this size for almost a year now, and we’ve all been missing making live symphonic music in our venues.” Rand worked with the symphony’s COVID-19 task force, consisting of board members and musicians, to help develop a comprehensive safety plan for these virtual concerts. “We’re fortunate to have some brilliant medical professionals on our board that have been instrumental in developing our safety protocols,” said Rand. 


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