Current's Readers Choice 2014

The people have spoken!

You, the readers, have spoken. And we have for the 2014 Best of Washtenaw County Readers Choice Awards. a blend of new and perennial winners, highlighting how this ever-changing community holds strong on a foundation of strong
businesses and artists of all varieties.

New Business: The Lunch Room

407 N. 5th Ave.

One-time food cart, now brick-and-mortar, The Lunch Room plays host to some highend vegan comestibles, charming A2 foodies since last August when the place opened. From their veganized Bhan Mi to their TLT (tempeh, lettuce and tomato), the cooks at The Lunch Room have fun reinventing old standards. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Lunch Room crew aims to “bring you the most interesting, fresh, delicious and diverse food that vegan imaginations can cook up at prices you can afford.”

Runner Up: Literati

Local non profit: Huron Valley Humane Society

3100 Cherry Hill Rd.

Runner Up: Food Gatherers

Best Charity: Food Gatherers

1 Carrot Way

Runner Up: Neutral Zone

Suburban downtown: Chelsea

Runner Up: Saline

College Course: Dinosaurs and Other Failures

Runner Up: Philosophy 359

Green Business: Bgreen, Inc.

2111 Packard St.

Runner Up: People’s Food Co-op

Used Furniture/Consignment: Treasure Mart

529 Detroit St.

Runner Up: Ann Arbor Kiwanis

Music Store: Wazoo Records

336 S. State St.

After the dust settled, after Borders and the other big-name record stores shuttered due to the rise of digital music, Wazoo Records remains, still selling new-release CDs and vinyl, and of course old and used tunes, too. The staff is knowledgeable (they probably have Top 5 lists for every conceivable occasion), but not snobbish or inaccessible.

Runner Up: Encore

Greenhouse: Lodi Farms

2880 S. Wagner Rd.

Runner Up: English Gardens

Home Boutique: Downtown Home & Garden

210 S. Ashley St.

Runner Up: La Belle Maison

Local Women’s Boutique: Vintage to Vogue

415 N. 5th Ave.

Runner Up: Heavenly Metal

Local Men’s Clothing: Van Boven’s

326 S State St

Runner Up: Renaissance

Shoes: Mast Shoes

2517 Jackson Ave.

Runner Up (no pun intended): Footprints

Thrift: PTO Thrift

2280 S. Industrial Hwy.

Runner Up: Salvation Army

Natural Food: People’s Food

216 N. 4th Ave.

Runner Up: Whole Foods

Farmer’s Market: A2 Farmers Market

315 Detroit St.

Runner Up: Saline Farmers Market

Caterer: Zingerman’s

422 Detroit St.

Runner Up: Juicy Kitchen

Place to throw a party: Weber’s Inn

3050 Jackson Rd

Runner Up: Habana

Hotel: Campus Inn

615 E Huron St

Runner Up: Weber’s Inn

DJ/Electronica: Jared Van Eck

Runner Up: Nick Ayers

Folk/Country: The Ragbirds

Runner Up: Breathe Owl Breathe

Hip-Hop: Duke Newcomb

Runner Up: Man in Charge

Jazz /Blues: Bugs Beddow

Runner Up: Ian Stewart

Rock: Blue Snaggletooth

Runner Up: Ben Daniels Band

Open mic: The Ark

316 S. Main St.

Runner Up: The Arena 

Live music: Blind Pig

208 S. 1st St.

Runner Up: The Ark

Dance Club: Necto

516 E. Liberty St.

Runner Up: Habana

Pick-up Bar: Habana

226 S. Main St.

Runner Up: Necto

Print Journalist: Andrew Nixon

Runner Up: Pete Cunningham

Radio Station: 91.7 WUOM

535 W William St., Ste. 110

Runner Up: 107.1


Runner Up: Peggy Lampman’s

Theater Troupe: Spontaneous Art

Runner Up: Wild Swan

Dance Company: Ann Arbor Dance Works

1310 N. University Ct., Room 3529

Runner Up: Randazzo Dance Company

Film Maker: Davy Rothbart

Runner Up: Danny Mooney

Movie Theater: Michigan Theater

603 E. Liberty St.

Runner Up: Quality 16

Artist: David Zinn

Runner Up: Lynda Cole

Fine Art Gifts: Washington St. Gallery

306 S. Main St.

Runner Up: 16 Hands

Place to Hear Spoken Word: Circus Bar

210 S. 1st St.

Runner Up: Ugly Mug Cafe

Sculptor: Frances Burgos

Runner Up: Norma Penchansky-Glasser

Current Writer: Jeff Milo

Runner Up: Molly Schoen

Florist: Tom Thompson

504 S. Main St.

Runner Up: Chelsea Flower Shop

Auto Dealer: Varsity Ford

3480 Jackson Rd.

Runner Up: Toyota

Auto Repair: Main Street Motors

906 N. Main St.

Runner Up: 1st Stop Auto Care

Bicycle Shop: Wheels in Motion

3400 Washtenaw Ave.734-971-2121

Runner Up: Two Wheel Tango

Fine Art Photography: Nina Hauser

Recently featured at WSG Gallery, Nina Hauser's exhibit with my iPhone and Eye displays her fascinations with symmetry and architecture, using various filters and post-processing apps to tinker with light and color, casting a moody atmosphere over her subjects. Hauser lives in Ann Arbor with her dog Theo and has been taking pictures since childhood.

Party/Wine Store: Morgan & York

1928 Packard St.

Beyond the wide-reaching wine varietals and local-to-international selection of liquors, Morgan & York’s deli cases are stocked full of artisanal meats, cheeses, pastries, and breads. After cutting their teeth on specialty food sales at Zingerman’s, Matt Morgan and Tommy York paired up to opened their eponymous shop selling specialty food and spirits and wine.

Runner Up: A & J Wine Castle

Motorcycle Shop: Nicholson’s

4405 Jackson Rd.

Runner Up: Cafe Racer

Independent Books: Nicola’s Books

2513 Jackson Ave.

Runner Up: Literati

Used Books: Dawn Treader

514 E. Liberty

Runner Up: West Side Book Shop

Comic Store: Vault of Midnight

219 S. Main St.

Runner Up: Stadium Comics

Golf Course: Leslie Park

2120 Traver Rd.

Runner Up: University of Michigan Golf Course

Outdoor Store: REI

970 W. Eisenhower Pkwy.

Runner Up: Bivouac

Doggy Day Care: BreedAbove

2281 W. Liberty St

Runner Up: Arbor Dog Day Care

Real Estate Agent: Linda Lombardini

Trillium Real Estate
Braun Ct.
N. 4th Ave.

Runner Up: Andrew Goddard

Bank/Credit Union: U of M Credit Union

333 E. William St.

Runner Up: Bank of Ann Arbor

Ad Agency/Design Firm: Perich Advertising

117 N. 1st St., Ste. 100

Runner Up: Fluency Media

Professor: John Rubadeau

UM English Dept.

Runner Up: Joseph Zellemeir

Lawyer: John Shea
120 N. 4th Ave.

Runner Up: James Fink

Optometrist: Dr. Steven Bennett

117 S. Main St.

Runner Up: Dr. Christine Curricone

Dentist: Meredith Hall

Progressive Dental
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr. Lobby A

Runner Up: Don Wurtzel

Doctor: Dr. Tendai Thomas

IHA Internal Medicine
2090 Commonwealth Blvd.

Runner Up: Dr. Arthur Tai

Plastic Surgeon: Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery

2300 Washtenaw Ave., Ste. 100

Runner Up: Dr. Richard Beil

Veterinarian: Ann Arbor Animal Hospital

2150 W Liberty St

Runner Up: Ann Arbor Cat Clinic

Alternative Health Care: White Wolf Healing

2311 Shelby, Ste. 105b

Runner Up: Huron Valley Naturopathic Clinic

Yoga/Pilates: A2 Yoga Works

2030 Commerce Blvd.

Since 2004, with a variety of classes available 7 days a week, spa services, teacher training, private instruction, and event rentals, A2 Yoga Works has flexed its muscle in the Ann Arbor health scene.

Runner Up: The Yoga Room

Chiropractor: Michael Meath

Ann Arbor Chiropractic
2730 Carpenter Rd, Ste 3.

Runner Up: Kim Jackson

Pet Salon: Quality Grooming

2163 W. Stadium Blvd.

Runner Up: Roxy’s Ruff Cuts

Haircut: Salon Vox

115 W. Liberty St.

Runner Up: Douglas J. Aveda Institute

Massage Therapist: Prema Lindsay Smith

Inner Balance Therapy
180 Jackson Plaza, Ste. 224

Runner Up: Felicia Cammon at Relax Station

Day Spa: Bellanina

201 N. 4th Ave.

Runner Up: Fran Coy

Facial/Skincare: Jessica’s Apothecary

301 N. 5th Ave

Runner Up: Skin Bar

Best Trainer: Desmond Johnson

A2 Fitness Professionals
250 W. Eisenhower Pkwy.

Runner Up: Hosea Walker

Cool Eyewear: SEE Eyewear

308 S. State St.

Runner Up: Bennet Optometry

Tattoo: Lucky Monkey

308 S. Ashley St.

Runner Up: Pangea

Tanning: Arbor Fit Club

2723 Oak Valley Dr.
Pittsfield Charter Twp.

Runner Up: Brown & DeLine Salon

New Restaurant: Aventura

216 E. Washington St.

Runner Up: The Lunch Room

Chinese: Evergreen Restaurant

2771 Plymouth Rd.

Runner Up: Chai Shaing

Japanese: Miki Japanese Restaurant

106 S. 1st St.

Runner Up: Yotsuba

Korean: Kang’s Korean Restaurant

1327 S. University Ave.

Runner Up: Arirang

Thai: No Thai

226 N. 4th Ave.

Runner Up: Marnee

Greek: Ahmo’s Gyros & Deli

341 East Huron Street

Runner Up: Achille’s

Italian: Gratzi

326 S Main St

Runner Up: Paseano

Middle Eastern: Jerusalem Garden

307 S. 5th Ave.

Runner Up: Haifa Falafel

Mexican: Tios Mexican Cafe

401 E. Liberty St., Ste. 2

Runner Up: La Fiesta Mexicana

Local Farm: Tantre

2510 Hayes Rd.
Chelsea, MI

Runner Up: Frog Holler

Deli: Zingerman’s

422 Detroit St.
734- 663-3354

Runner Up: Sparrow Market

Fine Dining: The Earle

121 W. Washington St.

Runner Up: Logan

Coffee House: Sweetwaters

407 N. 5th Ave. & 123 W. Washington

Runner Up: Mighty Good Coffee

Breakfast Place: Northside Grill

1015 Broadway St.

Runner Up: The Broken Egg

Diner: Fleetwood

300 S. Ashley St.

Runner Up: Bell’s

Brewpub: Jolly Pumpkin

311 S. Main St.

Runner Up: Arbor Brewing Company

Jewelry Store: Abracadabra Jewelry / Gem Gallery

205 E. Liberty St.

Since 1974 Steven and Katherine Lesse have purchased conflict free diamonds and ethically mined colored gemstones, selling their made-from-recycled-eco-metals jewelry to lovers and friends in Washtenaw County and beyond. Specializing in custom jewelry, engagement, wedding, and commitment rings, the Abra crew matches their quality products with their quality service–friendly, informed, and guiding.

Runner Up: Lewis

Food Cart: Hut-K Chaats

Mark’s Carts
211 W. Washington St.

Runner Up: Beet Box

Food Blog
Peggy Lampman’s dinnerFeed

Runner Up:

After Hours Delivery: Insomnia Cookies

1229 S. University Ave.

Runner Up: Pizza House

Best Dessert: La Dolce Vita

322 S. Main St.

Runner Up: Amadeus

Burger: Grizzly Peak

120 W. Washington St.

Runner Up: Casey’s Tavern

Annual Event: Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

721 E. Huron St., Ste. 200

Runner Up: Top of the Park

Karaoke: Blue Karaoke

404 W. Liberty St.
734- 302-3673

Runner Up: Circus

Pre Game: Fraser’s Pub

2045 Packard St.

Runner Up: Buffalo Wild Wings

Sports Bar: The Arena

203 E. Washington St.

Runner Up: Cubs’ AC

LGBT Bar: aut BAR

315 Braun Ct.

Runner Up: Necto

Bowling Alley: Colonial Lanes

1950 S. Industrial Hwy.

Runner Up: Belmark

Best place to celebrate your 21st Bday: Rick’s

611 Church St.

Runner Up: Necto

Street Musician: Violin Monster

Runner Up: Mr. B

New musical Artist/Band: Wild Savages

Runner Up: Better Beeves

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