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Spring 2020 Wedding Guide

Spring is upon us and love is the air, which means there will be many people in Ann Arbor popping the question. For those experiencing uncertainty about how to propose, we’ve got your back with a few ideas, including one Saline couple’s romantic story for inspiration. For those of you working on wedding logistics and

Ann Arbor Film Fest, Back To The Roots

Ann Arbor, in the mid-1960s, was home to a burgeoning art and cultural scene, and the Ann Arbor Film Festival was part of it. The University of Michigan, at that time, was about as exciting a place to go to college as you can imagine, with the Art School in the epicenter of campus life.

Coding to the Moon: Margaret Hamilton and the Apollo Missions

History books are filled with tales of brave men who broke the rules to forge a future with their vision. Conquering kings, wise politicians and brilliant scientists offer our sons a list of heroes to emulate, and frontiers to push. What about our daughters? Imagine for a moment how America might look today had our

Seeking truth despite a history of tragedy

Helping the ancestors of slaves complete their stories For many in America, the past is an unknown. Unlike descendants of European settlers, whose ancestors have well-documented histories in America, most African-Americans cannot track a similar genealogical trail, instead relying on oral history to preserve the details of their past. Cheryl Garnett and Omer Jean Winborn,

Wine Guide 2020

Special Advertising Section Uncorked advice from local wine pros Artist and polymath Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “The discovery of a good wine is increasingly better for mankind than the discovery of a new star.” While we think the Renaissance Man’s words are extreme, we find it hard to argue with one of history’s most