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Spring 2020 Wedding Guide

Spring is upon us and love is the air, which means there will be many people in Ann Arbor popping the question. For those experiencing uncertainty about how to propose, we’ve got your back with a few ideas, including one Saline couple’s romantic story for inspiration. For those of you working on wedding logistics and

Support the service industry in style

While many of us are struggling to adjust to a work-from-home-life during the COVID-19 crisis, there are people working in the hospitality industry who don’t have the option to work at all. From bartenders and servers to hotel clerks and event venue staff, people are being deeply impacted financially from shutdowns caused by the coronavirus.

Virtual Experience: The Ann Arbor Film Festival will be streamed for free

Faced with possible cancellation of the 58th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival organizers instead decided to offer a free live stream of the film entries. While festivals across the country are postponing or canceling scheduled events, AAFF Director Leslie Raymond found streaming to be the best solution. “We did explore options of canceling the festival

Pick-up Protocol: How To Order Weber’s Food at Discounted Prices

$1 oysters. A 32oz bag of carrots for less than a dollar. $12 New York Strips. Does it sound too good to be true?  It isn’t.  Weber’s Restaurant is making sure you don’t go without your culinary favorites during this time of social distancing. Every morning the restaurant takes inventory and posts a new order

Ann Arbor Distilling Company’s Alyssa Hughes Talks Production Philosophy

When Alyssa Hughes, the new interim head distiller at Ann Arbor Distilling Company, first started reading about alchemy as a teenager, she had no idea that her fascination with the topic would lead to her to become a cheesemaker and, eventually, a distiller of spirits. While the connection between alchemy, cheesemaking and distilling might seem