Blue LLama Offers Pop Up Dinners and Live Music

In the midst of our current crisis, The Blue LLama Jazz Club continues to support local musicians and provide locally sourced meals. 

The Club is currently offering a mouth-watering array of international cuisines from three different pop-up dinners for pickup and delivery. They include American comfort food by Blue LLama Express with a modern take on family-style meals; Chef Jorge’s Latin American dishes from the Jibarito menu; and Of Rice and Men, a menu filled with New Asian Bistro cuisine.

Pick-up and delivery from 5-9pm. Monday-Sunday. 

If you’re missing The Blue LLama’s live shows, you’re not alone. 

Luckily, you can still catch archived performances via Facebook and YouTube watch parties, which allow you to tip the musicians— a much-needed boost to the local entertainers we love in the A2. Find details on these shows at

The Blue LLama Jazz Club, 314 S. Main St. 734-372-3200. 

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