Safety is the Top Priority As Live Music Venues Reopen

. June 10, 2020.
The Beggars at the Blind Pig’s 2016 Fuzz Fest. Photo by Chuck Marshall

It’s been nearly three full months since Governor Gretchen Whitmer first issued the shelter-at-home order in response to the global pandemic. These measures slowed the spread of the virus and has allowed businesses around the state to slowly reopen. We recently started up our Venue Spotlight series to bring you exclusive conversations with the managers of local spots for live music because the conceivability of a concert wasn’t feasible quite yet.

Then again, that’s the thinking we had four weeks ago. Things are moving and changing fast lately. Two prominent local venues are now moving forward with reopening plans that will prioritize the safety of visitors (as well as staff and performers). The Blind Pig and Blue LLama Jazz Club in Ann Arbor recently posted updates to their websites and social media that feature information about upcoming shows, tempered with detailed messages about the protective measures they’re taking before their respective show times. 

The Blind Pig

As of this Monday, the Blind Pig and The 8 Ball Saloon (at 208 S. 1st St) reopened in accordance with Michigan’s revised COVID-19 guidelines. In a message posted to social media, the Blind Pig said that staff will be closely following procedures set forth by the CDC to control the spread of infection. This 400-capacity venue will limit entrants to just 100 for their show featuring a DJ set by Jamie Register. Entrants will be required to wear masks as well. The Blind Pig will also be improving air circulation and sanitizing regularly to ensure the safety of attendees and staff. 

Be sure to check out the Blind Pig’s website for more information on upcoming performances and safety policy.

The Blue LLama Jazz Club

The Blue LLama Club greets any visitor to its website with a detailed and candid message about every measure they’re taking, including limiting capacity, spacing out their tables, demarcation of spacing for safe distancing of guests in common areas, and up-to-date education and training of risk factors and protective behaviors (including gloves and masks) for their staff. The Blue LLama also reports that it has increased cleaning and sanitation efforts, and is surveying any staff member’s fitness for work before every shift with a short questionnaire. So, with several safety measures in place, the Blue LLama’s dining room and patio seating are now open along with a contactless carry-out service. Live music performances will continue, every night, including this Friday, June 12, with the Jesse Kramer Trio. 

For more information on the opening procedures and attendance policy with the Blue LLama, visit their website here.

Our Venue Spotlight

Our venue series continues this week, detailing a conversation with one of the co-owners of Ziggy’s in Ypsilanti. Ziggy’s, along with a previously featured venue Lo-Fi in Ann Arbor, are both working their way towards reopening for live music at a steadier pace. We recommend following both of them on social media to assure that you hear about any updates they share in the near future. 

For more information on the next show at Lo-Fi and Ziggy’s, visit or


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