Virtual Music Festival: Live Local Music at Home

. March 23, 2020.
The DayNites - “Cherry Blossom” (previously a Tiny Desk submission, filimed live in Grove Studios)
The DayNites - “Cherry Blossom” (previously a Tiny Desk submission, filimed live in Grove Studios)

As it appears more and more likely that we’ll be spending more and more time indoors, and away from live-music events, we wanted to curate a virtual festival of local artists by-way-of previously filmed performances from the last few years. 

For those of you that already are fans & followers of the batch of bands we have assembled here, these clips are just a reminder of why you love their music, but if we’re introducing any readers to these artists–if any of them particularly catch your ears, then follow the links to their social media accounts and hopefully it won’t be too long until you’re front and center at one of their upcoming concerts in the late Spring or early Summer. Lots of local artists are doing live-streamed performances on their social media feeds— so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Stormy Chromer – “Color Field” (Live at Ann Arbor Summer Festival)

ZZvava – “Stars Divine” (at 2018’s Mittenfest)

Approachable Minorities – “Live at the Blind Pig”

Skeleton Birds – “Within The Walls”

The DayNites – “Cherry Blossom” (previously a Tiny Desk submission, filmed live in Grove Studios)

Matt Jones & the Reconstruction – “Into the Valley Tom Fool”

Honey Monsoon – “Sign of Life”

EnD – Live at the Old Miami

Doogatron – Live at Ironbark Brewing

Act Casual – Gamer’s Gala Complete Show

Trembling Earth – Live at the Blind Pig

Chirp – Live at the Blind Pig


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