Fall Wedding Guide 2019

Jennabelle & Trent’s True Love Story

Story & Photos by Hilary Nichols



Age: Timeless
Occupation: Model and fire performer
Three words to describe your partner: Silly. Supportive. Snuggly.
What was your first impression of your partner? Has beautiful eyes
If you wore a dress, can you tell us about it? I wore a cream gown, customized corset, and a “cold shoulder” cape. I also had a beautiful pair of lace Victorian boots to match. Trent bought a lovely three-piece green Herringbone tweed suit for the occasion that has a lovely paisley lining.



Age: 31
Occupation: Coffee roaster/delivery
Three words to describe your partner: Talented. Compassionate. Adorable.
What was your first impression of your partner? The way she was smiling at me made my brain stop working temporarily.
What was it like seeing her walk down the aisle? It was like watching a queen.


How did you meet? At Amer’s Deli on State St. Our rings have the GPS coordinates of it engraved! After fumbling over his words and leaving only to come back in the pouring rain, Trent started talking with Jennabelle while she was on lunch. He felt like there was more to discover and asked her to get a drink.

Who popped the question, and how? Trent did, and he did more than once. But the time that counts was on Jennabelle’s birthday. Her sister had organized a surprise puppy play party and Trent already had a ring picked out so he took the opportunity. He also had a tag engraved to say “Will you marry me?” Just as Jennabelle started to realize this puppy party was for her Trent scooped a pile of puddly puppy and secured the collar. “Look at his one’s name!” Trent said, and as it hit her, he took a knee with two sets of big eyes looking back at Jenn.

Did you have a long engagement? Sure, almost two years!

Wedding venue: We wanted to do West Park where we went on our first date. But after talking with the park office they suggested Island Park. It was great! Very economical choice that was also very lovely. They had all the amenities we needed. Plus, Island park has multiple structures at the same park so we had our ceremony at one location and the party at another one a small walk through the park.


Cake/sweets: Trent got coffee from his work to bring and our tea was from Tea Haus. We also made this into our gift. We also had a chai carrot cake and chocolate espresso made by one of our friends (who also decorated the cakes) and a gluten-free, dairy-free, lavender earl grey cake with rose blackberry jam which was our cutting cake and made by Jennabelle. We also had cotton candy where we made orange anise, coffee, and green apple flavored sugars for everyone to enjoy. The bride’s mom and bridesmaid also helped make apple cider pavlovas for our guests to enjoy who came to the open reception.

Flowers: We made paper flowers, and again, had SO MUCH HELP. We also opted for other plastic flowers from a craft store for small accents in the boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquet so they wouldn’t die and we could re-use some of them for other crafts after the wedding.

Engagement Goals


Congratulations! You are engaged. What a brilliant time to revel in your adorable new love that feels so undeniable. But will your connection still be this brilliant in 10 years? Are you on the path from this day forward to deepen this heart connection and amplify what works so well right now? This is the time to design that long-lasting love with a beautifully crafted plan in place. If that sounds like work, what I am suggesting is something much more playful.

As a wedding and engagement photographer, I have witnessed the beautiful spark of new love from up close for so many years. And I can see the subtle undercurrent at work that may predict the success or struggles for young couples. When I catch that glint in your eye, it almost makes me cry, and a 90-minute photo session might be one of the only fully-focused moments to really capture the artful magic of your deepest connection.

Rather than simply a photoshoot, I deepen your engagement session with an interview to hear about some of the most special moments and meaningful nuances of your romance. Retelling the story of how you met and remembering the first places where your new spark foretold of your future, these are important not just so that we can map out the locations for your posed photos, but as the lyrics of your love song, as you are preparing your vows. Remember this period before ever after is your runway. A time to clear the bumps in the road and recognize all that makes you two so in step. As running mates what are your best assets, special skills, compliments and strengths? Are these in your relationship recipe, written down? If you were in the GREAT RACE, would you two be in pace?

As I spent the day on an engagement shoot with recent clients Jennabelle and Trent. we took extra time to document their love story in words as well as pictures. The telling of their first meeting and date was one of the most romantic and fateful ever. We talked about their milestones and their most meaningful moments while they showed me the handcrafted presents and their shared arts and shared animals. There is no doubt that this young couple has what it takes. By deepening their sitting to include their story, I will present not just the images, but their TRUE LOVE STORY Told in Words and Pictures in an album. A recipe of their specific expression, this keepsake will be a lasting resource for all the tools that will keep them connected in heart, soul, and story for a lifetime.

The Brides Project

By Erin Holden


Purchasing your wedding gown is a big decision, and it can, more often than not,end up costing you more than what you’d rather spend within your budget. The Brides Project – an organization that sells gently worn gowns donated by brides and even brand new gowns that went unsold from bridal boutiques – provides a beautiful collection of dresses to help you save money without sacrificing your vision of “the dress.” Not only do they sell gowns well below their market value, they also give their proceeds to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor, an organization that supports kids and adults affected by cancer.
To continue the cycle of giving and encouraging eco-friendly gown purchases, brides can donate the dress that they purchased through The Brides Project. You’ll be saving money, doing something great for the environment by cutting down on the waste production that goes along with new clothes, and you’ll be helping families in need. The Brides Project takes what can be a decadent purchase and makes it a way to give back – what says love more than that?

The Brides Project, 1677 Plymouth Rd.
To donate a dress or make an appointment to shop,
call 734-506-8271. thebridesproject.org

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