It’s Jerry Week! Celebrating Jerry Garcia throughout Ann Arbor

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On August 1st, 1942, the world welcomed a legend. On August 9th, 1995, we bid him farewell. What happened in between was a long, strange trip indeed. 

As Jerry Garcia’s 80th birthday fast approaches, deadheads across the nation will gather at bars, restaurants, record stores and even cannabis dispensaries to celebrate the Grateful Dead lead-guitarist and songwriter. 

Jerry Week also marks the launch of Garcia Hand Picked, a cannabis collection created in partnership with The Garcia Family, in the Michigan market. 

 Check out what’s going on in Ann Arbor for Jerry Week (August 1-9) below. 

  • Take a walk in Jerry’s shoes and pick up a hot dog (Garcia’s favorite food) from Ray’s Red Hots in Ann Arbor before starting out on your Jerry-week celebrations.
  • If you find yourself near West Park, be sure to check out the bandshell where The Dead played in 1967, sparking a long-term controversy over how loud the concerts in the bandshell (built 1938) could be! 
  • Grab a scoop (or two) of Cherry Garcia ice cream, famously named after The Dead frontman, Jerry, at the local Ben and Jerry’s (304 S State St, Ann Arbor). 
  • Head on over to Underground Sounds Ann Arbor where you’ll find a wide selection of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band records.
  • Pay a visit to Liberty Cannabis in Ann Arbor or Madison Heights locations and pick up an ⅛ of Garcia Hand Picked, a brand of cannabis that is a collaboration between Holistic Industries and The Garcia Family created to honor Jerry Garcia’s legacy and the way he could use a joint to bridge the gap between all kinds of folks. 
  • If you’re lucky enough to be in town on August 4th, why not end your day with the Raising The Dead Show at The Blind Pig (208 S. 1st St, Ann Arbor)?

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