Which Streets in Ann Arbor Will Be Under Construction This Year?

Ann Arbor Shares List of Planned 2022 Road, Sidewalk, Utility and Resurfacing Projects

The City of Ann Arbor is releasing its list of road and sidewalk projects scheduled for construction in 2022. This year’s resurfacing/reconstruction projects will involve 3.6 miles of major roads and 7.5 miles of local streets. 

This year’s capital preventive maintenance program will involve 16.5 miles of major roads and 8.6 miles of local streets. All projects are listed online at www.a2gov.org/roadconstruction

Projects and schedules are subject to change. Construction may result in road and/or lane closures, so travelers are advised to sign up for email or text alerts at www.a2gov.org/roads.      

2022 Street Resurfacing/Restoration Projects

These projects generally include removal and replacement of part or all the existing asphalt or concrete pavement; curb and gutter repairs; repair and/or replacement of drainage and other utility structures; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and restoration. Their durations range from one month to several months depending on the work.

Road Resurfacing/Reconstruction

Major Streets:

  • Broadway (Plymouth to Plymouth)
  • Earhart Road (Geddes Rd. to S. Greenhills)
  • Geddes Avenue (Observatory to Highland)
  • Huron Parkway (Nixon to Tuebingen)
  • Platt Road (Huron Parkway to Packard)
  • Scio Church Road (Maple to Seventh)
  • S. State Street (North University to William)

 Local Street Resurfacing:

  • Alice Street (Bruce to Grace/Arlene)
  • Arlene Street (Alice/Grace to Ross)
  • Arborview Boulevard (Ross to Miller)
  • Atterberry Court (Atterberry Dr. to end)
  • Atterberry Drive (Burr Oak to end)
  • Bath Street (Seventh St. to end)
  • Briarwood Court (Arborview to end)
  • Brockman Boulevard (Winchell to Frieze)
  • Bruce Street (Sunrise to Miller)
  • Burr Oak Drive (Liberty to end)
  • Chapin Street (Huron to Miller)
  • Doty Avenue (Dexter to Arborview)
  • Dunnington Drive (Burr Oak to Atterberry)
  • Eighth Street (Liberty to south end)
  • Frieze Avenue (Brockman to east end)
  • Grace Street (Alice/Arlene to Westwood)
  • Harbrooke Avenue (Wildwood to Arbana)
  • Huron Parkway Bridge Maintenance
  • Linda Vista Street (Arborview to Miller)
  • Linwood Avenue (Revena to Arbana)
  • Mapleridge Street (Willow to Arborview)
  • Maryfield Drive (Westwood to Pineridge)
  • W. Mosely Street (Third to S. Main)
  • N. Revena Boulevard (Huron/Dexter to Linwood)
  • Paul Street (Wesley to Arborview)
  • Revena Place (Arborview to end)
  • Ross Street (Arborview to Arlene)
  • Russell Street (S. Maple to dead end) Gravel Road Paving
  • Stadium Service Drive (Washtenaw to Stadium Blvd.)
  • Sunrise Court
  • Sunrise Street (Bruce to Westwood)
  • Third Street (Madison to Mosely)
  • Trego Circle (Burr Oak to Burr Oak)
  • Tuebingen Parkway (Huron Parkway to Traver)
  • Virginia Avenue (Liberty to Bemidji)
  • Westwood Avenue (Linwood to Bruce)
  • Wildwood Avenue (Linwood to Arborview)
  • Willard Street (E. University to Forest)
  • Willow Street (Mapleridge to Seventh)
  • Wilton Court (Arborview to end)
  • Winchell Drive (Brockman east to limits of watermain work)

2022 Capital Preventative Maintenance Projects

These projects generally include removing and replacing only the upper portion of the existing asphalt pavement (thin mill and fill); minor curb and gutter and drainage/utility structure repairs; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and minor restoration. 

They may also include surface preservation treatments like micro-surfacing and cape sealing, or crack filling and sealing. Their durations are typically less than a month and may range from a day or two up to a few weeks depending on the work.

Crack Sealing: Locations citywide to be determined. 

Street Surface Treatment Projects – Major Streets:

  • Beakes Street (North Main Street/West Kingsley to North Division Street/East Summit Street)
  • Dhu Varren Road (Railroad to Pontiac Trail)
  • Eisenhower Parkway (Briarwood Cir/S Main St to Boardwalk Dr)
  • Eisenhower Pkwy (Ann Arbor-Saline Rd to Briarwood Cir/S Main St)
  • Fernwood Street (Lorraine St to Packard St)
  • Forest Avenue (Hill St to Forest Ct)
  • Fuller Road (Fuller Ct to Gallup Park Entrance)
  • Fuller Street (High St to Glen Ave)
  • Glazier Way (Green to Earhart)
  • Hill Street (S Forest Ave to Washtenaw Ave)
  • Huron Parkway (Geddes to Plymouth)
  • Huron River Drive (City Limits to N Main St)
  • Liberty Street (S Main St to S State St)
  • Liberty Street (S Seventh St to Ann Arbor Railroad)
  • Madison Street (Thompson St to S State St)
  • Miller Avenue (Chapin St to N Main St)
  • Newport Road (Miller Ave to Sunset Rd)
  • Packard Street (Anderson Ave/Harpst St to E Eisenhower Pkwy) /
  • Pontiac Street (Moore St/Longshore Dr to John A Woods Dr)
  • State Street (West I-94 Entrance Ramp to Eisenhower Pkwy)

Street Surface Treatment Projects – Minor (Local) Streets:

  • Baldwin Place (Baldwin Ave to Easterly End)
  • Balmoral Court (Lowell Rd to Lowell Rd)
  • Edgewood Place (W Hoover Ave to N’ly End)
  • Elder Boulevard (Crest St to Eberwhite Blvd)
  • Elizabeth Street (E Kingsley St to High St)
  • Holyoke Lane (Lowell Rd to Newport Rd)
  • Lincolnshire Lane (Warrington Dr to Southeasterly End)
  • Lowell Road (Warrington Dr to Newport Rd)
  • Provincetown Court (Lowell Rd to Southwesterly End)
  • Robin Road (Bydding Rd to Fountain St)
  • Salisbury Lane (Southwesterly End to Southeasterly End)
  • Second Street (W Mosely St to W Jefferson St)
  • Sybil Street (E Hoover Ave to Hill St)
  • Waltham Drive (Saxon Rd to Warwick Ct)
  • Warrington Drive (Newport Rd to Huron River Dr) 
  • Woodbridge Boulevard (Eberwhite Blvd to E’ly End)
  • Abbott Avenue (Collingwood St to Pleasant Pl)
  • Anderson Court (Anderson Ave to northerly end)
  • Andover Road (Pepper Pike St to westerly end)
  • Avalon Place (Vinewood Blvd to westerly end)
  • Baylis Drive (Beaconsfield Dr to Stone School Rd)
  • Beacon Hill (Hampshire Rd to westerly end)
  • Belmar Place (Snyder Ave to Potter Ave)
  • Bemidji Drive (Virginia Ave to Montgomery Ave)
  • Brock Court (Brockman Blvd to northerly end)
  • Colgate Circle (Loyola Dr to westerly end)
  • Creek Drive (Belvidere St to La Fere St)
  • Culver Road (Orkney Dr to Orkney Dr)
  • Cumberland Drive (Canterbury Rd to Hampshire Rd)
  • Dwight Street (Baylis Dr to Baylis Dr)
  • Elmcrest Street (Miner St to easterly end)
  • Ember Way (Gladstone Ave to Emerald Ave)
  • Fair Oaks Parkway (Southerly end to Norway Rd)
  • S. Franklin Court (Franklin St to westerly end)
  • Garden Homes Court (Fulmer St to easterly end)
  • Gardner Avenue (Montclair Pl to Packard St)
  • Gettysburg Road (Yellowstone Dr to Green Rd)
  • Glastonbury Road (Runnymede Blvd to northerly end)
  • Hasper Drive (S Circle Dr to N Circle Dr)
  • Heatheridge Street (E Heatheridge St to E Haven St)
  • W. Keech Avenue (Edgewood Ave to S Main St)
  • King George Boulevard (Alpine Dr to Tacoma Cir)
  • Logan Court (Baylis Dr to easterly end)
  • Minerva Road (S Forest Ave to Olivia Ave)
  • Minglewood Street (Robin Rd to Vesper Rd)
  • Navarre Circle (Vinewood Blvd to westerly end)
  • Nob Hill Court (S 1st St to westerly end)
  • Oakland Avenue (E University Ave to S Forest Ave)
  • Onaway Place (Huntington Pl to southerly end)
  • Orkney Drive (Sunset Rd to Culver Rd)
  • Oxford Road (Washtenaw Ave to S University Ave)
  • Potter Avenue (Edgewood Ave to S Main St)
  • Rosewood Street (S Industrial Hwy to 800 ft easterly)
  • Sanford Place (Dunmore Rd to Winsted Blvd)
  • Shrewsbury Avenue (Canterbury Rd to northerly end)
  • Ventura Court (Bemidji Dr to southerly end)
  • Virnankay Circle (Pauline Blvd to Pauline Blvd)
  • Ward Court (Baylis Dr to northerly end)
  • Wickfield Court (Starwick Dr to easterly end)
  • Yellowstone Drive (Bluett Rd to Gettysburg Rd)

Asphalt Sidewalk Resurfacing

These projects consist of removing and replacing existing asphalt sidewalks at various locations. In some locations, the asphalt pavement may be replaced with standard concrete sidewalk.

  • Eisenhower Parkway (south side) from Eisenhower Place to concrete/asphalt transition
  • W. Liberty Street (north side) from Liberty Pointe Dr. to Scio Ridge Rd.
  • Oakbrook Drive east of S. Main St.
  • S. State Street (west side) from Eisenhower to Briarwood Circle
  • Washtenaw/Huron Parkway intersection (Huron Pkwy to 150 ft west) – Tentative depending on condition of short term patching done in 2021      
  • Yorkshire to Allen Elementary Connector Walk – Replace with concrete sidewalk

2022 Sidewalk Gap Filling/New Sidewalk Construction

These projects include the construction of new sidewalks to fill existing sidewalk gaps; new or replacement sidewalk ramps to achieve ADA compliance; and restoration. Their durations range from two weeks to two months depending on the work.

  • Boardwalk Drive (2875 & 2775), east side
  • Broadway (north/west side from Broadview Ln to Plymouth)
  • Brockman Boulevard (west side from Winchell to Frieze)
  • Ellsworth Road (north side from State to Stone School)
  • Frieze Avenue (Brockman to east end)
  • Hiscock Street (east side near Summitt)
  • Hutchins & Prescott (near Stadium)
  • South Main Street (address 2878)
  • Newport Road (east side from Sunset to Downup Cir.)
  • Nixon/Traver (Westbury Ct. to Logan Elementary)
  • Platt Road (address 2231)
  • Russell Street (with first time paving project)
  • Saunders Crescent (address 1121)
  • Scio Church Rd. (north side, Landmark to Seventh)
  • Tuebingen Parkway (Lancashire to Traver)
  • Winchell Drive (north side from Brockman to end of gap)
  • Yost & Eli (Forestbrooke Athletic Club frontage)

For more information, visit the City of Ann Arbor website HERE.  

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