Winewood Organics: A2’s Microbusiness

Ann Arbor’s “Farm to Coffee Table” Dispensary

Winewood Organics is a welcome new addition to Ann Arbor’s west side and a refreshing take on the increasingly ubiquitous Ann Arbor cannabis shop.  

Pulling up to Winewood, first impressions are built on ample parking below custom floral murals and the very faint scent of the operations inside.  The lobby area continues to impress, as customers are greeted with a spotless and stylish space that would be equally suited for a woodsy restaurant or day spa.  

A close up of one of their cannabis plants

The critical difference is that Winewood’s lobby displays a live feed of the building’s internal growing rooms on a flat screen along with a list of current and pending cannabis strains, sorted by harvest date.  

With permission from founder and grower Eric Parkhurst, I arrived prior to business hours for a tour of the facility and a long conversation about the care Eric, his business partner Marcus Huber, and the rest of their Winewood team take in the new business.  

Along the way, I visited their meticulously clean growing rooms and processing spaces while listening to Eric’s enthusiastic (and highly technical) crash course about Winewood’s carefully sourced organic soils, bespoke growing equipment, harvest cycles, beneficial insects, drying and trimming protocols, pre-roll and distillate production, and certain other fine points of running the business.  None of my questions went unanswered, and I’m left with the impression that Eric was born for this.  His passion shines throughout the business.  

Winewood has a modern and warm design

Officially licensed as a “micro-business,” Winewood is required to grow, process, and sell its recreational cannabis in-house.  Winewood cannot sell wholesale or otherwise distribute to other dispensaries, and it cannot sell third-party products.  The result is a truly unique, family-owned, and home-grown operation that brings “knowing your farmer” (or “farm to coffee table”) to a whole new level. 

If you enjoy a farmer’s market for the opportunity to talk through how your produce is grown or how the hens that provide your fresh eggs are treated, a few minutes with Eric or Marcus will be truly enlightening.  

Growing rooms that provide meticulous care for the plants.

And their products?  Absolutely top notch.  I would say that the quality and consistency of Winewood’s products eclipse that of other high-end Ann Arbor dispensaries, and the Winewood team is even better equipped to guide customers through their various products and strains.  

After all, everything that crosses their retail counter has been carefully grown and processed by the same hands.  Support your local farmer and give Winewood Organics a try.

Monday-Friday 11AM-9PM    
Saturday 11AM-8PM       
Sunday 11AM-6PM

Winewood Organics
2394 Winewood Ave.Ann Arbor

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