The Art Fair is Cancelled, but We Can Still Support our Artists and Organizers

. July 21, 2020.
Image courtesy of the Original Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

July 16 usually marks the start of the Ann Arbor Art Fair. It’s one of the biggest events in Ann Arbor, and people from around the world come to visit our wonderful city to explore the art that we can create. Unfortunately, the Art Fair had to be canceled this year. However, there is still a way to support the artists and the fair.

While the decision to cancel this year’s Art Fair is for the safety of our community, the Ann Arbor Art Fair is no less committed to supporting our local artists. This year, visitors are allowed to visit the artist gallery digitally. This still gives us a chance to explore the wonderful makers and creators of our area. To visit, simply visit the Ann Arbor Art Fair website.

Additionally, the Original Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is a 501(c)(3) non-profit art organization. This means that the Ann Arbor Art Fair hosts are dependent on the Art Fair to generate revenue to operate. Because there is no fair this year, the Original Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is forced to make hard budget decisions. To help keep our Art Fair going, the Original Ann Arbor Street Fair is offering the resale of last year’s fair merchandise, or this year’s souvenir cancellation t-shirt. You’re also able to donate any amount of money to the Original Ann Arbor Street Art Fair as well.


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